They’re finally coming back! Tomorrow, specifically. Disney confirmed today that the Disneyland Monorail is returning to service on October 15, 2021! The classic Disney attraction not only brings a fun attraction and escape from the crowds but also a much-needed source of transportation.

Since reopening its parks, the Disneyland Resort not only had its monorail fleet shuttered but also its tram service from the Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals parking structure leaving for a very long trek back and forth.  Although the Monorail only stops between Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney stations, it still offers a bit of respite for those making the trek back to their car.

Over the past few weeks we’ve spotted both monorails and monorail towers crisscrossing the Happiest Place on Earth!

See it for Yourself

Disneyland Monorail returns to service starting October 15, 2021!