If you don’t have WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT in your home collection by now then this holiday season is the time to fix this glaring portable hole on your collection. The film arrives on 4K Ultra HD Disc for the first time ever on December 7, 2021 with — not just HDR picture quality — but also Dolby Atmos audio.

The new Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes a limited-edition SteelBook that will only be available at Best Buy.


Bonus Features

who-framed-roger-rabbit-4k-ultra-hd-(1)Please note that bonus features vary by product and retailer.

  • Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary – View the film with Audio Commentary by filmmakers Bob Zemeckis, Frank Marshall, Steve Starkey, Jeff Price, Peter Seaman and Ken Ralston.
  • The Roger Rabbit Shorts
    • Tummy Trouble – The accident-prone Roger Rabbit faces new perils when he is left to baby-sit for the mischievous Baby Herman.
    • Roller Coaster Rabbit – Mother takes Baby Herman to the State Fair, and leaves him with Roger Rabbit so she can visit the psychic (fortune-teller).
    • Trail Mix-Up – Roger Rabbit returns in an all-new outdoor adventure that finds the irrepressible Toon star on a hilarious, disaster-filled camping trip.

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  • Deleted Scene
    • The Pig Head Sequence – Judge Doom and the weasels teach Eddie Valiant a lesson in a way that only Toontown can. With intro by director Robert Zemeckis.
  • Who Made Roger Rabbit – A behind-the-scenes making of, hosted by Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit.
  • Before and After – Split screen comparison reveals the unbelievable talent of the live-action actors, animators and the special effects.
  • Toon Stand-Ins – Watch as the cast rehearse with life size stand-ins for the toons.
  • Behind the Ears: The True Story of Roger Rabbit – An in-depth, behind-the-scenes documentary.
  • On Set! Benny the Cab – The making of a scene from the movie.

See it for Yourself

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT is available on 4K Ultra HD disc for the first time on December 7, 2021.