TGIF! It’s Friday and that means we’ll be catching up tonight with Urkel and the Winslows, the blended family of Lamberts, and even the less than wholesome mid-western Conners. But perhaps most exciting is catching up with everyone’s favorite family of supers in AVENGERS.

Or not…

A spoof video released on YouTube this week has us nostalgic simpler times in basic network television with a hilarious mix of old and new. Comprised of clips from various Marvel movies and gag reels and set to the tune of the infectious family-friendly jingle from the “Full House” television series, this new video posted to Youtube this week is a clever little amalgamation edited to look like the intro for a 90s style sitcom.

It features Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and the entire family of the earth’s mightiest in adorable moments that would be fitting for some good Friday night television watching.