Terran Treats is a sweet treat stop inside the brand-new Avengers Campus Marvel-themed land in Disney California Adventure! If you’re planning to visit, here’s everything you’ll want to know about this dining location.

If you don’t recognize him from his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe then you might remember seeing Taneleer Tivan in the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction. The eclectic denizen also known as The Collector has branched out from his exclusive museum of the weird and unique to offer up some sugary delights that he thinks Terrans (that’s us humans) will absolutely love.

About the Location

This kiosk located near the attraction features delightful confections that are fun twists on familiar favorites including flavored churro spirals and cosmic cream puffs with decadent creamy filling.


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Reviews on this one were mixed. The smaller-than-it-looks-in-photos Cosmic Cream Orb ($6.25) is a crispy-topped cream puff filled with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse.

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Surprisingly better than it sounds, the pineapple-flavored green Sweet Spiral Ration ($5.75) is lightly crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside with a hint of pineapple flavor that was honestly evocative of a Dole Whip.


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See it for Yourself

AVENGERS CAMPUS Marvel-themed land at Disney California Adventure is now open!

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