It’s no secret that THE MANDALORIAN is a huge streaming success for Disney+ and by extension, it’s no surprise that it’s also the most popular of all STAR WARS content available to stream today — even over the original movies. That’s what the folks at JustWatch are reporting, this week.

Showcasing user interest in all major STAR WARS streaming content from their streaming collation service, JustWatch compiled the insights in the infographic below. The data reflects engagement of users looking up and then proceeding to streaming services to access those titles. From the trio of trilogies to all the animated series, standalones films, and the Mandalorian, the STAR WARS data gives nuance into what exactly in a galaxy far, far away people are watching.

JustWatch user engagement StarWars Trilogy Likes Infographic

Based on the insights reflected in the infographic, all three of the original trilogy films are the most popular STAR WARS films while the recency bias of the newest trilogy films also draws a lot of interest. Unsurprisingly, the animated series remain niche content with small but mighty cult followings.

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