After officially unveiling the fifth Disney key for success that embodies Inclusion, Disney also confirmed a relaxation of some of the guidelines with regards to the Disney Look around which Cast Members are required to maintain their appearance during work. The biggest changes surround more gender-inclusive hairstyles, jewelry, nail styles, and costume choices and allowing for appropriate visible tattoos.


Disney Parks ‘Inclusivity’ updates include ‘appropriate visible tattoos’ for Disney Look and more

One of the most notable changes to the guidelines is that they formerly differentiated policies for men and women separately where as they now globally apply to all members of the cast. The updates are aimed at not only remaining relevant in today’s workplace but also to enable Cast Members to better express their cultures and individuality at work.

Below are an expansion on the specific requirements for the new guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: These are only provided as example reference. Cast Members should always refer to official guidelines provided by the company.


Visible tattoos are permitted, with the exception of placement on the face, head or neck. Tattoos must be no larger than the Cast Member’s hand when fully extended with the fingers held together.

Undergarments, which include matching fabric tattoo sleeves, are permitted for coverage of larger tattoos on the arms.

Tattoos that depict nudity, offensive or inappropriate language or images, or violate Company policies (including policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, disability or any other protected category) are not permitted.

Body Modification / Alteration

Intentional body modification or alteration for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from a professional image is prohibited.

Examples include, but are not limited to: brands, body piercing (other than ear piercing), tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion, and disfiguring skin implants.

Hair Styling and Hair Coloring

Hairstyles that are clean and well maintained represent our Disney brand. Hair length, including completely shaved styling, is at the Cast Member’s discretion. Hair below shoulder length should be secured if it falls forward over the face or covers the nametag while working.

If the hair color is changed, it should be well maintained and in naturaloccurring hues. Examples of hair colors that are not considered natural would be colors such as blue, green, pink, purple, etc.

The shaving of lines or shapes in the hair is permitted provided they do not depict offensive words or symbols.

Facial Hair

Facial hair should be neatly groomed and well maintained. The shaving of lines or shapes in facial hair is permitted provided they do not depict offensive words or symbols.


Nails should be clean. If polish is used, it should be the same on each nail and well maintained in one solid color or French manicure style. Charms or decals on nails are not permitted. Fingernails should not exceed one-fourth of an inch beyond the fingertip.


Jewelry is permitted provided it does not distract from the overall appearance and preserves the magical Guest experience.

A visible wrist and/or ankle bracelet in good taste and condition may be worn with the costume. Bracelets should not exceed one inch in width, and must fit closely to prevent slippage. Charm bracelets are approved provided the charm or dangle does not exceed one-half inch below the wrist/ ankle or interfere with daily work assignments. Cause bracelets, which remind our Guests of the realities of the outside world, are not permitted.

Watches should have minimal ornamentation.

A modest visible necklace in good condition may be worn with the costume top. The necklace should be clean, complement the costume, and not interfere with work assignments. If a pendant is attached, it should not exceed one inch in size.

Earrings must be simple, matched pairs in gold, silver, or a color that matches the costume. Two earrings in each ear are permitted. Earrings may be clip-on or pierced, post, hoop or dangle and may be worn anywhere on the ear. Earrings may not exceed 2 inches in length/circumference.

A ring may be worn on any finger, however only one ring on each hand is permitted. (Wedding/Engagement ring sets count as one.) Activity fitness trackers and/or smart watches may not be allowed in some areas. Guidelines may vary by line of business due to safety guidelines. Please see a leader for additional details.

About Disney’s Five Keys

Every Disney Parks cast member is familiar with the longstanding tradition of The Four Keys – Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency – which have guided Disney’s approach to guest service for more than 65 years. The addition of Inclusion changes this to The Five Keys

The Five Keys are one of the first things that cast members learn about when they join Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and they are regularly reinforced throughout their tenure. Each cast member is asked to use The Five Keys as the blueprint for the decisions they make during the workday and the approach they bring to their interactions with others.

MORE INFO: Disney Parks ‘Inclusivity’ updates include ‘appropriate visible tattoos’ for Disney Look and more