As the holidays approach and the ways around which to celebrate them continue to change, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is bringing seasonal magic in new ways with the festive Six Flags Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience.

Although Six Flags Magic Mountain is usually merry and bright this time of year, the offerings this time are a little different. You can now enjoy the sights and sounds from the comfort of your car! Skip hoofing it on foot through Samurai Summit and the rest of the park’s hilly terrain and instead set your car thermostat to a toasty temp (or frosty if you please) and let the merry times roll…. literally!

In full disclosure, we were invited with comp tickets to experience Six Flags Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience.


The Experience

We’ve never attended the Six Flags Holiday in the Park before but having it as a drive-through experience honestly seems like the optimal way of taking it all in.

SFMM_2020_HIP_DriveThru_RouteMap-scaledIn total, there are eight distinct lit areas throughout the park with a combination of literally millions of lights plus lighting effects, festive music, and even some projection mapping. Plus, along the way, you’ll find various characters (although no Looney Tunes sadly) and entertainers including dancers and musicians. You’ll also be able take in some of the park’s sights including The Underground area which features several of the famous West Coast Customs show cars on display.

And yes, there’s snow! In the main entrance part of the park, towards the end of the route, your car will drive through a frosty scene with snow falling from above the trees!

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The route itself is pretty well-adorned although there are definitely several points along the way that are not decorated or literally sit in near complete darkness. Also, most of the roller coasters were NOT lit which seemed like an unfortunate missed opportunity. Even without special lighting it would have just been nice to see the park shine bright. At any rate, there were some attractions cycling through — such as the carrousel — which helped add little more visual energy to the experience.

The event was honestly a delight and everything ran very smoothly this past Sunday when we arrived for our 6:45pm reservation. If you have multiple people in your household this really is a “more-the-merrier” type of experience to share together. If you’re in or around Valencia or the San Fernando Valley, Six Flags Holiday in the Park should absolutely be a treat to consider this holiday season.

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The Length

Once your car makes it into the park, the whole experience takes approximately 40 minutes to wind all the way through.

There was about a 10-minute wait at the toll booth to confirm reservation/tickets and then an additional 10 minute wait once you’re checked in. At no point do you ever leave your car and everything moves at a steady clip.

The whole thing felt really nicely paced and completely hassle-free.

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Holiday in the Park <br /> <br /> Photo by Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging

Pre-Purchase Add-Ons

Before your visit, you can add on some extra goodies to maximize your merriment and they are all delivered directly to your vehicle as you drive-through! Do note: no on-site purchases are allowed.

Holiday Merchandise Packages

For every merchandise bundle purchased, a Holiday Buddy Bear will be donated to Los Angeles area charities.

  • 1 Holiday in the Park drawstring bag to carry everything
  • 4 Holiday in the Park themed face masks
  • 4 holiday light-up necklaces
  • 4 holiday 3D light glasses that add a bonus element to this unique experience

Holiday Snack Pack

Built for parties of four, enjoy some flavors of the season as you take in the sights and sounds!

  • 4 cups of hot chocolate
  • 1 dozen tasty holiday cookies
  • 2 bags of tasty candy
  • 1 large buttery popcorn & souvenir bucket

Handmade Fudge

  • 1.5lb assorted holiday flavors made fresh daily at Six Flags Magic Mountain
    • Flavors include: chocolate, rocky road, raspberry dream, peppermint bark, cookie dough, and mint chocolate swirl

Holiday Funnel Cake

  • Indulge in a Six Flags powdered sugar funnel cake made fresh throughout the night and delivered directly to your vehicle near the end of the event route

six flags magic mountain official (1)

See it for Yourself

Holiday in the Park Drive-thru Experience takes place daily at Six Flags Magic Mountain from November 20, 2020 – January 3, 2021.

Tickets and Reservations

It’s important to note, when you arrive at the Six Flags Magic Mountain parking tolls, you’ll need proof of both TICKETS and RESERVATION. As such, it’s important to make your reservation FIRST because from there you’ll be able to make your ticket purchases! Otherwise, the process is NOT combined so you’ll need to verify at the park BOTH your ticket and reservation via the separate confirmation emails — or printouts if you prefer going analog.


  • Admission tickets start at $20 per person, with a minimum of two individuals per vehicle required. Tickets will not be available for sale at the park and all reservations must be made in advance.
  • Members and Season Pass Holders can use their valid pass for free admission — as long as they have a required reservation made online in advance!
  • Children under the age of 3 are free.