KNOTT’S TASTE OF MERRY FARM promises to be the most festive celebration that Knott’s Berry Farm has put on this year. Although not quite as robust as the previous Fall-O-Ween event, there’s TON of merriment to be found with character greets, entertainment, decorations and of course fantastic eats, sweets, and treats.


PICTORIAL: Fully immersive KNOTT’S TASTE OF FALL-O-WEEN outdoor event brings tons of sweets, treats, and fun

Knott’s Berry Farm invited us to come check out the first weekend of the event and to taste some of the menu offerings that are part of the event so we invite you now to take a look at KNOTT’S TASTE OF MERRY FARM! ENJOY!


20201121_191058All guests must clear a health screening temperature check (guests with a temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher will not be permitted entry) plus an additional security screening.

As with just about most things during these times, you want to try to avoid peak times if you want to stay away from crowds. By not arriving for opening, you avoid lines of people waiting for the event to start.

20201121_132412 20201121_132205


20201121_133029Purchase of a Tasting Card is required to access the park. This must be purchased online and you pick it up at the turnstile after scanning your E-ticket/printout. Keep in mind, Tasting Cards are date-specific to help control event crowding and ensure social distancing.

  • $40 for adults for 5 tastes
  • $20 for ages 3-11 for 3 tastes

If you’re a 2020 Season Passholder you can save 10% on the purchase of Tasting Cards.

Know Before You Go

  • When you average out 5 tastings over the $40 adult price you, find that you’re paying $8 for each tasting item.
  • The Tasting Cards don’t have tear-away tabs. Instead, they feature a QR code that is scanned at each vending location.
  • Keep track of how many redemptions you’ve made on your card! Since you don’t have tabs to keep track for you, it can get tricky remembering how many are left. This especially gets tricky after you’ve had a Boysenberry Cider… or two!
  • Re-entry IS allowed during the event. Your photo is taken before entering.

And now, a taste of the event…


The Tastings

Knott’s Holiday Bowl


Knott’s Holiday Bowl with Chicken Tenders, Mashers, Corn, Stuffing, Gravy, and Cranberry Sauce. Super satisfying with traditional holiday flavors.

Brussel Sprouts


Pomegranate Molasses Brussel Sprouts garnished with Shaved Almonds. AMAZING flavors here with tangy and savory notes.

Cold Salmon Winter Salad


Cold Salmon Winter Salad with Spinach, Apples, Pecans, Cranberries, and a Raspberry Vinaigrette. Absolutely refreshing and delicious.

Spiral Ham


Spiral Ham with Scallop Potatoes is a sleeper hit for us. Weren’t expecting to love the smokey sweet ham and cheesy potatoes as much as we did!

Turkey Dinner Big Bites


Turkey Dinner Big Bites with Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, and Gravy are an explosion of holiday flavors. Plus, gravy and fries!

Gingerbread Cake


Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Icing is super super super sweeet but you know what you’re getting otherwise!

Turkey Dinner Tater Tots


Turkey Dinner Tater Tots – Tater Tots topped with Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, and Cranberry Sauce. These were good but not a standout dish.

Green Bean Fries


Green Bean Fries with a Creamy Mushroom Dipping Sauce were nice inbetween meals. Wouldn’t say they were stellar, though.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Noodle Soup


Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Noodle Soup with a Biscuit and Jam is a Knott’s holiday flavor combo.

Scrooge’s Glazed Wings


Scrooge’s Spicy Cranberry-Pomegranate Glazed Wings might be good if they are fresh. Ours were warm and soggy.

Eggnog Brulee


Eggnog Brulee with a Butter Cookie is exactly what you think it is and it’s delightful. The cookie actually complements very well.

Elf’s Float


Elf’s Float – Lime and Sugar Plum ICEE with Vanilla Soft Serve. This is a sugary sweet concoction that we enjoyed very much.

Boysenberry Smoothie


Boysenberry Smoothie has been offered at every version of the evenet so far and it really hits the spot. It’s mega sweet but super satisfying. It’s the right slap of boysenberry flavor to accent a culinary adventure in the way only Knott’s can provide. Paper straws are a bit of a drag so make sure to pick up an extra one if you’re a slow sipper.

Hungry for more? Check out a full listing of all the food and drink options available for the event:

MORE INFO: KNOTT’S TASTE OF MERRY FARM bringing Turkey Dinner Tater Tots and more spirited seasonal delights

‘Tis the Seasons Exhibit

The “’Tis the Seasons” exhibit is a fun blend of Berry, Scary, and most especially, Merry Farm.


20201121_140821 20201121_140558 20201121_140723 20201121_140640

For a closer look at some of the artwork on display, check out our gallery.



The Entertainment

Entertainment is tricky when you’re trying to prevent people from crowding. Similar to the Taste of Knott’s event, you can still find some ways to find entertainment during your visit.


Santa Snoopy is available for socially-distanced selfies at Camp Snoopy.

20201121_182949 20201121_182905

If you’re looking for photos with Santa, you’ll need to make a reservation at Santa’s Christmas Cabin kiosk at the Wilderness Dance Hall. Reservations DO book up quickly.


Peanuts characters are also doing socially distanced selfies at the Charles Schulz Theater.

20201121_143230 20201121_141707

Snoopy, Lucy, Franklin, and Charlie Brown are just some of the Peanuts we saw during the day!


These stilt walking toy soldiers are also helping spread holiday myrth.


Ebeneezer Scrooge was spreading his special brand of yuletide cheer in Ghost Town.

20201121_183133 20201121_183140

At night, Ebeneezer has a reckoning with the Ghost of Christmas Future at the boothill cemetery.


Scrooge’s tale is also told at the Calico stage by some resident storytellers.

20201121_144342 20201121_150957

There’s also some fantastic blink-and-miss-it entertainment in the Boardwalk with Wayne and Ginger broadcasting for K-NOT radio and a used Christmas tree salesman who’s got one heck of an offer for you this holiday season. We really enjoyed both of these interactive moments for some holiday cheer.


Carolers can also be found throughout the day.


Sad-Eye Joe is feeling chatty if you want to pay him a visit.


Blacksmithing is always fun to watch in Ghost Town.

The Experience

20201121_135128As with our previous experience at the Knott’s Taste of Halloween, we found the event to be well paced. Some of the most popular menu items are duplicated at various booths to help ensure more evenly spread crowds and reduce wait times.

After having visited for all three events held so far this year this was definitely felt the most busy. The entire park is accessible we’re assuming the park has increased capacity even further so despite a seeming increase of people the event still felt relatively well-spaced in terms of crowds. The Saturday when we were there was sold out date.

As before, we did find a few choke points during the day that were SLIGHTLY uncomfortable but nothing that waiting a few minutes — or even just seconds — for the crowds to thin didn’t solve. There’s a lot of ebbs and flows. As always, personal comfort level comes into play here and while we would have liked the event to be just a tiny bit less crowded we wouldn’t say it felt over sold or unsafe.

Tables and shade are once again found all over the park in places you might not have previously expected which helps tremendously when you’re looking for a quick respite from the holiday hustle and bustle.

20201121_141206 20201121_141448

The bumper cars have turned into an expanded dining area. Clever!


A Relax Zone is set up at the Mystery Lodge where you can escape, sit, and remove your mask if needed. Otherwise, face coverings are required everywhere else in the park except when eating or drinking.

Event Merch

Find a re-usable tote for $3 or you can also get a fabulous Tee + Pin combo for $16.99.

20201121_143601 20201121_193205

More Shopping

Stores in and around Ghost Town are open offering familiar assortments of boysenberry and other park merchandise. Plus, local crafters and vendors bring their unique assortment of color and craft to the park to round out the experience.

20201121_191158 20201121_183323

Around the Farm

Fun décor and photo-ops can be found all around the park.


20201121_172001 20201121_175547



20201121_153707 20201121_175524



20201121_164210 20201121_164228



A bunch of Kelfins are having a yuletide ball in Camp Snoopy.

20201121_160320 20201121_154128


20201121_154739 20201121_154337


20201121_151202 20201121_151219

Even the boardwalk games have a festive makeover.


The whole area around the upcoming Knott’s Bear-y Tales attraction has opened up.

20201121_143905 20201121_143856 20201121_135542 20201121_135607


20201121_135724 20201121_143526 20201121_141313 20201121_141323


Special precautions are in effect in the Marketplace as well with controlled entry as needed, social distance markers, and even outdoor dining areas that take up the former driveway.

20201121_130909 20201121_130927

A tent is setup and ready for this week’s Thanksgiving crowds. The antler chandeliers are a nice touch!


Well there’s a 2020 mood.

Merch Run

Get your wallets ready to spend!


20201121_131118 20201121_131150

Ugly Christmas T-shirts and matching ornaments.

20201121_131208 20201121_131214

Holiday face masks if your outfit needs a holiday boost.

20201121_140800 20201121_140926


20201121_133633 20201121_193229


20201121_131304 20201121_131351 20201121_131404 20201121_131413 20201121_131438 20201121_133647


20201121_131742 20201121_133657 20201121_133716 20201121_143743

Health and Safety Measures

20200822_162848Here is what to expect when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm:

  • Admission will be limited each day to ensure physical distancing
  • Upon arrival, guests will be asked to enter a temperature screening and security checkpoint at the main gate
  • All associates and guests must wear a facial covering while visiting Taste of Knott’s or the Knott’s California Marketplace store locations and restaurants – masks are not required while eating.
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected daily and sanitized frequently. This includes but is not limited to cash counters, scanners, EMV readers, pens at cashier counters, register screens, store fixtures, door handles, and shopping baskets.
  • Signage is present to aid guests in the proper direction of travel and as a reminder to practice social distancing.
  • Seating will be spaced out throughout the Taste of Knott’s event footprint
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the event area.
  • All associates are screened, including temperature and symptom checks using CDC guidelines before being allowed on the property to work.
  • Associates have been trained on the importance of handwashing, physical distancing, and overall hygiene.
  • Separate entrances and exits will appear at some store locations.
  • Store occupancy is limited to less than 50% of the normal building capacity. Queue lines outside of store locations with six-foot markers are present where applicable.

See it for Yourself

KNOTT’S TASTE OF MERRY FARM takes place select dates from November 20, 2020 through January 3, 2021.

MORE INFO: Visit the official Knott’s Berry Farm website for tickets and details

Event Dates

Dates that are striked out are currently unavailable for purchase. As of press time, nearly all available dates are already sold out!

  • Fri., Nov.20 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Nov.21 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Nov.22 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Mon., Nov.23 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Tue., Nov.24 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Wed., Nov.25 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Thu., Nov.26 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Fri., Nov.27 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Nov.28 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Nov.29 | 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Fri., Dec. 4 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Dec. 5 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Dec. 6 | 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Fri., Dec. 11 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Dec. 12 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Dec. 13 | 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Fri., Dec. 18 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Dec. 19 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Dec. 20, 2020:  12 PM – 9 PM
  • Mon., Dec. 21 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Tue., Dec. 22 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Wed., Dec. 23 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Thu., Dec. 24 | 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Sat., Dec. 26 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Dec. 27 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Mon., Dec. 28 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Tue., Dec. 29 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Wed., Dec. 30 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Fri., Jan. 1 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sat., Jan. 2 | 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Sun., Jan. 3 | 12 PM – 8 PM

PICTORIAL Festive KNOTT'S TASTE OF MERRY FARM outdoor event brings yuletide treats, sweets, and cheer