20190505_095347AVENGERS ENDGAME might have shown a fearsome gauntlet capable of blinking out existence with a single snap but at Disney California Adventure, Marvel and Disney have a different idea with what they hope will become the latest toy craze: Avengers Gauntlets. And this should only blink a few twenties out of your wallet, tops.

The customizable toy can be customized with pieces from your favorite AVENGERS heroes. Match Cap’s trademark red, white, and blue or mix and match your gauntlet with Iron-Man’s red and gold, Spidey’s webs of blue and red, or maybe the Hulk’s green and purples to give it some hard-hitting flavor. There’s two price points depending on how much you really want to take down Thanos.

Let’s start building…

How it Works


It’s actually deceptively simple. At launch, there’s four different gauntlet themes available: Iron-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man.


First, every Gauntlet starts with the same base. Truly, some of Stark Industries’ most revolutionary technology.

20190505_094003 20190505_094052

The Gauntlet is made up of three pieces which will change how your gauntlet behaves when you play with it.

  • Front Module: Determines the VOICE and SOUNDS of your completed Gauntlet
  • Mid Module: Determines the COLOR of the light on the Front Module
  • Back Module: Adds a final splash of style and also becomes the base upon which you can chose an optional LAUNCHER.


Should you elect to upgrade your gauntlet, you can add:

  • Module 4: The Launcher. This attaches to the Back Module and can be opened up to shoot out its included toy rockets.
20190505_093952 20190505_094013


How Much?


Luckily, the pricing here is pretty easy. There’s only two levels of damage sustained from the Gauntlet.

  • Standard Guantlet: Includes the base and the front, mid, and back panel modules: $24.99
  • Launcher Gauntlet: Includes a Standard Gauntlet plus an additional attachment with toy rocket launchers: $39.99

See it for Yourself

Currently, the only place to Build Your Own Gauntlet is at Disney California Adventure in the Collector’s Warehouse shop located at the exit of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: MISSION BREAKOUT attraction.