Anyone who’s been to Epcot and has seen ILLUMINATIONS: REFLECTIONS OF EARTH has likely seen one of the largest most dazzling displays of water, lasers, and fireworks combined into a must-see night time spectacular.

What you might not know is that those lasers are actually more eco-friendly than they were in the past!

A recent upgrade to the show included new solid-state lasers which use the energy equivalent of a hair dryer; this saves approximately 64,000 watts of power PER show. In addition, the new system eliminates the need for a water-cooling system and saves thousands of gallons of water.

Commenting on the environmentally conscious switch, Tammy Brister, director of environmental integration for Walt Disney World Resort said that “These results are impressive and show how one change in one area can make a big difference.”

The new lasers are also said to be brighter and even more precise than their predecessors.