The CW’s THE 100 is returning soon and although the extended preview above was released a few days ago, fans at WonderCon were treated to the entire first episode. What we’ll find this season is that fan favorite Ark survivors, grounders, and more are in for a world — literally — of change as the show reconciles the explosive season finale last year.

In attendance for the panel was creator Jason Rothenberg and stars Tasya Teles, Richard Harmon, Eliza Taylor, Marie Averopoulos, Shannon Kook. JR Bourne, and Sachin Sahel.

Rothenberg essentially confirmed rumors that a spin-off for the show is definitely in the works but did not offer any details about exactly what portion of the show’s incredibly storied past would be up for grabs. Could a beginning of the appocalypse story be in play? Becca? The Ark’s beginnings? Eligin? Lexa? Mount Weather? So many possibilities but time shall see if any fruit bears from this tree.

As far as the upcoming season characters are torn ever again as they’re literally spread across the universe in the interest of survival. A seemingly hospitable planet may hold more than meets the eye and as always with this franchise, exactly who the enemy is really just depends on your point of view.

The entire first episode previewed during the panel left us with a lot of questions and we can’t wait for the show’s return this month!


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See it for Yourself

THE 100 returns to the CW for season six on April 30, 2019.

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