Back again this year and expanded with a new name, the SeaWorld Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival brings with it for 2019 a selection of more than 55 food items and a whopping 127 beer options plus several wine varietals to round out a tasty explosion of the senses that’s complemented with live entertainment in addition to all of the park’s regular offerings!

This year, we were invited back to check out the festivities and get a taste of what the popular event has to offer.

Flavors to Enjoy

Wine and Beer

Each weekend during the festival, three different San Diego craft breweries will be featured, with opportunities for guests to meet the brewers including Locals Eppig Brewing, Green Flash Brewing Co. and Mike Hess Brewing, and Braveheart Brewing. Plus, enjoy several wine varieties to suit your mood.

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You can once again buy a refillable beer glass!

The Food

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Loco Moco was one of our favorite dishes featuring an Impossible Foods patty served over rice and tater tots with a rich gravy and topped with a perfectly cooked egg. What a treat!

Sumac Rubbed Angus Kebab was a surprising delight. Served fresh off the grill, the flavors here at great and the portion size is pleasingly huge. There’s an entire second piece of meat under the meat you see in this photo!

20190316_131957 20190316_142453

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenders are another tasty treat that offered more of an explosion of flavor than we were expecting. The chimichurri sauce and fresh herbs on top provided a great contrast that brought out the saltiness of the meat.

Ahi Poke Napolean is an incredible fresh pile of flavors served over two wonton crisps. Great taste here.

20190316_172242 20190316_161014

Lamb Chop Lollypop is a yummy pop of flavor but pretty predicable and no surprises. The pearl onions are a great complement.

Jamaican Spare Rib is served over a corn relish. Looks like a veritable explosion of flavor.

20190316_143219 20190316_134553

Chicken Katsu is a tasty crispy pair of chicken tenders with (too little) tangy sauce and served over a bed of macaroni salad.

Causa Crab Salad is not quite what you’d expect in terms of presentation, looks super tasty, no?

20190316_172112 20190316_164958

Escargot Pistolet Roll is super tasty this year. After finding the dish to be literally uneatable last year, we were happy to find a moist tender meat with a flavorful garlicky confetti of flavor.

Grilled Lamb Slider is a popular dish. The meat portion was a little disappointing here and the fresh cucumbers underneath were not enough to provide the necessary contrast of flavors.

20190316_135115 20190316_134621

Lomo Saltado has potential but our particular serving was not great. The toppings felt like they were sitting in the bowl for a while and were sorta soggy and melded together.

We didn’t try the Peruvian Ceviche but it looks amazing with a hefty dosage of octopus.

20190316_161828 20190316_161648

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with flavorful tomatoes over a too-hard piece of bread was still very satisfying.

Eggplant Caponata & Grilled Polenta was disappointing. The veggies were mostly flavorless and the thick polenta cakes did not have a satisfying texture.

20190316_161224 20190316_134606

Pepper Pot Shrimp served with a coconutty rice and a medley of peppers was a great fresh burst of flavor.

Chimichurri Shrimp looked so good but we didn’t get to try it ourselves.

20190316_132419 20190316_180147

Pork Belly Calzone was surprisingly tasty. The bread was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The filling was not as cheesy as we were hoping.

Spicy Ebi Shrimp Tamaki is a nice fresh handroll that doesn’t offer much in the way of surprises but delivers on great flavor and look at that portion of avocado!

20190316_133216 20190316_133536

Micro-Basil Tomato Potage got a surprising boost from the fresh basil and was complemented by the saly parmesan crisps and fresh pretzel roll bowl. A satisfying snack indeed!

Sauteed Pretzel Knots are a really yummy portion of bread served with the mega tasty tomato potage.

20190316_180232 20190316_143155

Umame Shitake Dynamite Roll was not as great as we were hoping it would be, we found the ginger completely overpowered everything else.

Crisp Pina Rainbow is a great assortment of fruit and custard over a flaky base.

20190316_134944 20190316_161004

Creme Caramel Flan didn’t offer anything too surprising here, you kinda know what you’re getting into here.

Mango-Pomegranate Roulade was another tempting dessert that we didn’t get to try but looked incredibly yummy.

Made Fresh

One advantage of the SeaWorld Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival is that many of the locations actually prepare their food on location and usually to order. This does mean longer wait times to receive each item but it also ensures maximum freshness and taste, a clear advantage over how most food items are served at Disney California Adventure!


Hungry for More?

Find the full menu of food options at the link below.

MORE INFO: The 2019 return of ‘Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival’ at SeaWorld; a global flavor explosion!

Festival Savings

Options available for a la carte purchases ranging from $5 to $6.50 for food items, or with a Taster Sampler card. The 10-item card is $50 and the 15-item card is $65. Beer and wine can also be purchased a la carte either in sampler size or full size.


More to Explore

Live Entertainment

Three different stages offer a host of musical flavors. Find award-winning musicians from the local music scene at the SoCal Flavors Stage; relaxing, smooth melodies on the French Flavors Stage; and sizzling performances by haka acts and fire dancers at the Polynesian Flavors Stage!

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There’s some fun carnval style games available at the entrance, too.

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The park — as with most of southrn California — was full of Painted Ladies!

See it for Yourself

SeaWorld’s Seven Seas & Craft Beer Food Festival takes place at SeaWorld San Diego weekends from March 9 – April 28, 2019.

Admission to SeaWorld’s Seven Seas & Craft Beer Food Festival is included with park admission.

But Wait, There’s more!

The SeaWorld Fun Card or annual Pass may be a good way for you to enjoy the Festival and the park throughout the year. A new coaster — Tidal Twister — slated to open Memorial Day Weekend—as well as all the exciting seasonal events!