Pixar films aren’t necessarily earmarked for their music but the Pixarmonic Orchestra will happily remind you that there’s plenty of earworms. From the beautiful music of Brave to the infectious “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” to the indellible TripleDent Gum jingle.

What makes this offering so special though is that their signature sound is accented with unconventional instruments including cowbells, kazoos, duck calls, sirens and slide whistles. It makes for one truly delightful and quite honestly — enchanting — experience. You will not leave a Pixarmonic Orchestra set without having a smile on your face.

Honestly, if you’re at Disney California Adventure, do yourself the favor and lend your ear to The Pixarmonic Orchestra. You won’t be disappointed! They can be found at the Pixar Promenade bandshell and will no longer perform at the Paradise Gardens stage where they’ve made their home for the past few weeks.

We’ll have video of them in their new location soon but for now you can enjoy their debut performance earlier this year.


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See it for Yourself

Pixar Pier opens officially at Disney California Adventure park on June 23, 2018.

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