Pixar Pier is the newest update at the DIsneyland Resort and it brings with it a whole bunch of things to stuff your face. From hot dogs and churros to turkey legs and ice cream, there’s plenty of options to get your fill. While the Lamplight Lounge will certainly be the most high-profile new offering, there’s a bunch of quick options, too.

Have a taste of the new menu options awaiting you at Pixar Pier:

Adorable Snow Man’s Frosted Treats

This opened earlier this year but features a fantastic lemon soft serve in addition to chocolate and vanilla. The kiosk is decidedly curated by the Snowman from Monsters Inc. Highlights include:

  • Pixar Pier Parfait, a non-dairy lemon soft serve and blue raspberry frozen beverage
  • It’s Snow-Capped Lemon, also a non-dairy lemon soft serve with a “snow-cap” of white chocolate


20180621_143108 20180621_143116

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums

Found at the exit for the INCREDICOASTER, find a selection of fresh-baked cookies and flavored milks. Highlights include:

  • JackJack Cookie Num Num (a warm chocolate chip cookie)
  • IncrediCookie (a gluten-friendly blackberry jam-filled cookie)
  • JackJack Shortbread Cookie
  • 2% Milk or flavored milks including strawberry, chocolate, soy, or vanilla almond milk.



20180621_192547 20180621_192601

Señor Buzz Churros

A Disneyland Resort staple, presented to you by Señor Buzz from Toy Story 2! Highlights include:

  • Caliente Churro with as spicy kick
  • Cinnamon Sugar Churro for a traditional taste


20180621_192524 20180621_192528
20180621_150359 20180621_150405 20180621_150503

Poultry Palace

Themed to the fast-food chain shown in Toy Story 2, find juicy pieces of poultry from the over-sized kid’s meal box! Highlights include:

  • Chicken Drumsticks served with slaw
  • Jumbo Smoked Turkey Leg


20180621_160846 20180621_161248


It comes in a cute to-go box!

20180621_150246 20180621_150232 20180621_150251


PRO TIP: Take your Poultry Palace chicken to the Angry Dogs station where you can douse it in Raging Buffalo Hot Sauce.

Angry Dogs

Themed after everyone’s favorite ornory emotion from INSIDE OUT, we find hot dots fired up by the flaming temper of Anger. Highlights include:

  • Angry Dog Spicy All Beef Hot Dog with a small bag of Hot “Fries” chips
  • Slightly Annoyed Dog with a small bag of chips



20180621_155422 20180621_155401 20180621_150638 20180621_150610 20180621_150630 20180621_150621

Classic Snacks

There’s also popcorn and other regular snacks available in the land!

20180621_150652 20180621_150827

See it for Yourself

Pixar Pier opens officially at Disney California Adventure park on June 23, 2018.

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