After not being able to visit the Disneyland Resort for a few weeks we were finally back on Easter Sunday! On our visit, we made sure we got our chance to search out all the Disney Egg-Stravaganza eggs hidden around the entire Resort. No small feat to conquer in one day!

We stopped around every corner of the Resort for a look at the goings on including many on-going and completing projects such as construction at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Pixar Pier, Splash Mountain, Dumbo Flying Elephants, and more. Plus, we’re still in the midsts of the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

We also spotted a new INCREDIBLES wrap on Monorail Orange circling the Resort helping amp up excitement for the upcoming sequel and the new Pixar Fest marketing campaign taking place this summer. We also took in the crazy amount of work going on at Downtown Disney and the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

Of course, we’ll have a nice fat merch run for you (with some super early Fourth of July merch, new dresses, an amazingly adorable Stitch Bubble Blower and other must-haves.) All of this and more in our latest pictorial. ENJOY!

Egg-cellent Weekend!

Did you get the chance to partake in the egg hunt? Which was your favorite egg?

Eggs at Disneyland

Eggs at Disney California Adventure

Eggs at Downtown Disney

More Easter Treats

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2018

The festival is still going on and there’s still 8 days left to enjoy it!

Tried the Shrimp Boil Tacos at Off the Cob. Super yummy!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Get a taste of everything going on for the 2018 Disney California Food and Wine Festival

Chefs are JAMMIN’!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The construction continues to move on although less and less continue to be visible as the buildings solidify and rock-forms take shape.

Disney Environmentality Art Challenge

In celebration of Earth Month each year, Disney asks Cast Members to showcase their imagination and environmentality by creating art using recycled commodities from the Disneyland Resort.


Disney quietly debuted a new wrap on Monorail Orange featuring everyone’s favorite family of supers in celebration of the upcoming INCREDIBLES 2.

Many thought because we posted it on Sunday that it was an April Fool’s prank but we can most assuredly confirm that it is real!

Pixar Pier

With Pixar Fest just two weeks away, Disney continues to plow forward to finish Pixar Pier by this summer. The renovation of the land will bring with it a lot of changes…

The Incredicoaster

Looks like the space behind the loop is being prepped for the changeover. Concept Art and renderings show a giant Pixar Pier logo appearing on the space. Other changes on the attraction including the reworking of the loading station and enclosing and repainting the scream tubes on the attraction.

Toy Story Mania!

Although unclear at this point if the MIDWAY is actually being dropped from the name, it looks like scaffolding is finally coming down off the facade of the attraction.

Jessie’s Critter Carousel

Not much in the way of visible progress here although the attraction is not expected to return until next year.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

It’s unclear if a new name will appear here as the Mickey head is staying but each of the gondolas will be themed to Pixar properties. We’re assuming the refurbishment walls around Pixar Pier are a hint as to which characters we can expect to see on the attraction this summer.

Lamplight Lounge / Cove Bar

The Cove Bar has returned to operation during the refurbishment. It will close again at the end of May to complete its conversion into the Lamplight Lounge.


Pixar Pier’s premiere gift shop.

Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

Poultry Palace

More to Explore

Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop building is getting a massive facade change.

Although no announcement for it officially, concept art has shown a repurposed Flik’s Flyers attraction taking residence in the former location of the Maliboomer.

See it for Yourself

Pixar Pier opens officially at Disney California Adventure park June 23, 2018.

Around Disney California Adventure

Incredibles are SO ready for Pixar Fest later this month.

Pixar Fest takes place at the Disneyland Resort from April 13 through September 3.

Dole Whip Cotton Candy is back again.

Looks like a shade structure went up here. Not sure it would have done much against threat of rain.

Still no Rocketeer. *sigh*

Around Disneyland

Main Street vehicles are back!

Counter work was completed at the Candy Palace.

Some of the walls came down around Splash Mountain which continues to move through its extensive refurbishment.

The newly-completed work is being enjoyed by two guests leaning up against it.

Flume, flume, flume! Makes my heart go BOOM BOOM!

Lunch at the French Market. I continue to love the Shrimp Po’Boy here. So good!

Walls came down near Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, walkway has been widened with the removal of a large planter. This should prove handy once Galaxy’s Edge opens.

Dumbo the Flying Elephants attraction is being completely rebuilt.

A new shade structure and queue setup is also to be expected.

Royalty on the move.

A queue restructure is also still underway at “it’s a small world” which is also seeing a new parade gate appearing.

Looks like Le Bat En Rouge is basically completely dedicated to Dress Shop merch.

Around the Resort

You can finally see the new outdoor bar coming along at Naples. Lots of work going on around the whole restaurant.

The Disney Dress Shop is moving to the location of the former Anna and Elsa’s Boutique. A considerably larger space in a more optimal location.

The entire green building here has been brought down to its base in preparation for the upcoming Ballast Point and Black Tap breweries. Odd and disappointing to have two such similar locations taking up valuable real estate in Downtown Disney but at least we’re getting some more interesting dining options!

Have you taken a #SelfieWithJunior yet? This is decidedly a thing?

Time for a dessert pit stop.

Crystal Ball Frapuccinos for everyone.

Basically everything to the right of the monorail track is going to be demolished for Disney’s upcoming new hotel. This includes AMC, Earl of Sandwich, Rainforest Cafe, ESPN Zone, Starbucks (just this location), and the DVC Preview Center.

Sports ball, something. Something.

The closures will temporarily give you a lot less options for finding parking validation!

Nearly all of the former Pinocchio Parking Area has been scraped clean in anticipation of construction on the new structure at Mickey and Friends.

The final pieces of the original loading station are also completely gone.

They are not using the typical loading station on the North side of the turn around. They were loading guests in the evening out of both stations on the south side.

Merch Run

Millennial Pink head hands were ALL the rage on Sunday, the first day they were made available.

Yesterday’s fads are….

Pink is the new pink.

Disney Ufufy are a fad that never really manifested.

Fads fade.

Pinky new finds at The Disney Dress Shop.

Awesome Haunted Mansion skirt.

New Snow White bags.

World of Disney was super crowded on Sunday. At half its normal capacity the shop definitely needs its full massive footprint.

New for your noggin.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Ray Ban… yours for just $194!

Stitch Bubble Blowers are SO CUTE!

I want to go here!

Behold the return of the fury of AQUABAT! I can’t with the seashell pasties.

With summer just around the river bend, we’re looking now to patriotic fare for Independence Day.

Honestly surprised Disney hasn’t started up-charging for this perk.

Minnie has been rocking Millennial pink here since 2001.

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