Disney Research is at it again and this time it’s a really grabbing video! Video recently shared features Human-To-Robot handovers with the test subject handing something to a robotic arm and the robot responds by taking the object from the user.

Practical thoughts on application of the technology at Disney Parks can span any number of uses from character interactions, attraction experiences, or even more scary thoughts including handing out Mickey balloons to passing out Churros. This particular test shows subjects GIVING something to the robot but it certainly isn’t a stretch of the imagination to imagine the exchange in reverse. The question is… WHAT is being handed over?

As part of the 2x2x2 experimental design test, researchers found that making the robot predictable is important. They observed a learning effect with forces declining over repeated trials so basically the test participants’ self-reported discomfort with the robot decreases and perception of emotional warmth increases with repeated interactions. Just like riding a bike!

Thus, Disney posits that users are learning to predict the robot, becoming more familiar with its behaviors, and perhaps becoming more trusting of the robot’s ability to safely receive the object. This could be used in any number of human/robot collaborative tasks.

What Do You Think?

Are you excited or completely terrified by the continued advancements in robotics in entertainment?