It was a busy Super Bowl weekend at the Disneyland Resort as the Happiest Place on Earth is well in the middle of a nostalgic winter campaign that includes the Main Street Electrical Parade as well as the fireworks spectacular Remember… Dreams Come True.

On our visit into the parks we got caught up on a lot of refurb projects including the brand new entrance for Big Thunder Mountain that was quickly installed to help make more clear its standby and FastPass entrances.

The Holidays are finally just about a memory as both “it’s a small world” and Jungle Cruise have returned from short refurbs that removed all of their holiday decorations. Speaking of holidays, Valentine’s Day is already creeping in with special sweet treats and decorations popping up around the parks.

It was also the final weekend of Disney California’s Lunar New Year Celebration which we gave a final visit and also caught an updated look at (mostly non-visible) progress of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT attraction.

We’ll also have a new look at the ever-buzzing construction zone for Star Wars Land and of course another merchandise run.

All of this and more in our latest pictorial update! ENJOY!

Wine and Dine again

The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is back again this year. The festival returned for the first time last year after a several year hiatus and proved to be a popular enough venture for Disney to continue the tradition. The festival runs daily this year from March 10 through April 16 and will feature many free events as well as ticketed events with celebrity chefs.

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Discounted Disneyland Tickets

The Disneyland Resort is kicking off the new year with a special ticket offer for Southern California residents, just in time to enjoy the Main Street Electrical Parade, Remember… Dreams Come True, and the upcoming Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure Park.

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AP = Additional Pricing

Rumblings abound that Disneyland will be raising the prices on its Annual Passes on February 12. If you’re in your renewal period, you might want to consider updating before that date to lock-in current renewal prices.

Remember when?

With little fanfare, Disneyland welcomed back Remember… Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular last night to the roaring cheer of fans. Originally introduced for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming Celebration, the show is an homage to its home-base, the happiest place on Earth! Check out our full recap (and video) below!

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Star Wars Land

There’s a lot of work continuing to go on at the site of the upcoming Star Wars themed land. Lots of concrete being poured as the Frontierland-facing work moves at an aggressive pace to be ready for guests later this year.

A peek into the parade warehouse… Fantasmic! Pirates! That’s about all I could decipher.

Inside the park, you can see all the new rock and wood work continuing to take shape along the Rivers of America.

Tom Sawyer’s Island

Work continues to move along on the island to get ready for an opening this year. The gigantic crane at the Star Wars construction site looms over it all.

Around Disneyland

It’s a new month so that means a new featured apple at the Disneyland Resort! For February: Black Forest Candy Apple! If you like caramel, dark and milk chocolate, almonds and cherries then this is the apple you’ve been looking for!

Valentine’s Day decor is starting to pop up in the shops.

More sweetheart treats have popped up in the display cases, too.

These are literally sweet-hearts.

These are technically Belle-themed cupcakes but ever-just as appropriate for Valentine’s Day appropriate.

Chocolate-covered strawberries!!

Cookies and Cream. SCREAM!

These colorful treats are still screaming at me every time.

I’m not all here, myself.


Nom nom.

How much for the pitcher?

Disneyland Band drew huge crowds at the Golden Horseshoe.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has a brand new entrance!

You might remember the little shack from our previous updates; it was built near the attraction’s exit… it’s since been relocated into its final position as the new entrance for the attraction! Standby entrance is to the right and FastPass is to the left.

Secure the riggings! Sailing Ship Columbia had some thick black ropes hanging down which seemed… different.

Smaller dining patio at Hungry Bear Restaurant.

They still have Pineapple Upside-down Funnel Cake at the Hungry Bear Restaurant!!

Not a lot of action at this Fuel Rod location, certainly not the easiest to get to.

You can now find the Critter Country Fuel Rod kiosk on the patio of Pooh Corner.

The Jungle Cruise has been de-jingled and is back in operation.

“it’s a small world” has also lost is holiday decor and is ready to resume the happiest cruises that ever sailed.

You might have noticed that the marquee that formerly featured a boatload of children has been replaced with signage that better matches the attraction’s beautiful exterior.

There’s a new electronic wait-sign that we forgot to get pictures of but we did get a video of it later…

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Overall, the attraction looks absolutely spectacular. It’s amazing–after visiting Walt Disney World last month–to notice what a difference some upkeep can do. The Florida counterpart is in desperate need for some sparkle.

That being said, we noticed on this voyage in California that while everything looked fresh and fantastic, there were several Animatronics and features that were not yet in proper operating order. Considering how fast they are able to remove the holiday layover, it’s not surprising to see a few last minute tweaks that will need to occur over the coming weeks.

It’s great to see such a wonderful piece of Disney history continue to be so lovingly maintained.

What is your favorite feature in the attraction?

For at least three years now, the LAST drummer in the South Pacific room of the attraction has had a head/face that does not match the skin-tone of the rest of his body. It’s usually not noticeable unless you’re looking for it but he was turned at an angle this weekend that made it quite easy to see.

Au revoir!

Over at DCA

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

Work continues on Grizzly River Run.

Checked out the Lunar New Year Celebration one more time as it was ending this weekend.

Got the Almond Milk Tea with Jellies, was really bummed that there was no Boba options. Or puddings. Or more tea options.

See our full recap of the celebration below!

Lunar New Year at DCA

Mulan and Mushu once again spear-headed the expanded event which this year included dining marketplace booths and more entertainment options.

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Back at Disneyland


Did you ever commemorate yourself on Disney’s “Walk of Magical Memories“?

Sun and clouds battled all day on Saturday.

It was a busy busy day!

Golden Hour at Disneyland.

Do you know where all those places are? They’re locations in other Disney Parks!

Didn’t realize until I got home that my shot of the balloons had been photobombed! So cute!!

Nobody likes tea that’s been watered down!

Love the blue on the back drop.

Glowing Strong

You can still enjoy the Main Street Electrical Parade now through Sunday, June 18, 2017! Disney has a bunch of festivities lined up to celebrate, learn more here.

Merch Run