Sometimes better is late than never and in this instance we’re delivering you last Saturday’s update today! Life happens! This past weekend we got a big taste of the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival at Disney California. It was also Mini Gay Day in the parks which means there were special rainbow themed purchasables around the park.

Other ongoing projects also continue to take shape including the revamped new land Pixar Pier and the completely ground-up new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Major work is finally underway at Mickey and Friends for the new structure plus we’ll have a merch run for you. All of this and more in our latest pictorial update. ENJOY!

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

From March 2 – April 12, you can enjoy the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival which brings with it tasting, sipping, learning, and entertainment options for the whole family. We visited last weekend for the opening weekend to get a taste of the festival and are happy to report back a bunch of the sights, flavors, and sounds.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Get a taste of everything going on for the 2018 Disney California Food and Wine Festival

Mini Gay Day

The main event takes place in October but last weekend was Mini Gay Day.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We’ve been covering the construction of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland for quite some time now and while there’s only so much you can see into the new land from the parking structure and inside the park, a new video released today by Disney gives us a flyover look of the massive new land that will be brining a galaxy far, far away, right into Anaheim.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Flyover view of STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE construction site at Disneyland

Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier continues moving at furious pace to be ready by this summer.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Gondolas have yet to return and the red wheel is turning now into its new teal color scheme.

Toy Story Mania!

New blue roof is coming along.


Loading station continues transformation into the Parr family home. Tubes continue to be enclosed for new show moments.

Lamplight Lounge

The former Ariel’s Grotto will become the new Lamplight Lounge.

MORE INFO: LAMPLIGHT LOUNGE replacing Ariel’s Grotto in Pixar Pier

Treasures in Paradise

Inside Out Attraction

Not much in the way of visible progress on this new land.

Western Pier

Major facade work is underway.

Walls pushed out further.

Around Disney California Adventure

The expanded Sonoma Terrace has finally reopened bringing extra seating into former planter area. It blends in quite naturally with the area and on first glance is quite easy to miss that anything has even happened here!

Around Disneyland

TWAIN IN THE RAIN!!! #TwainInTheRain

Jiminy Cricket, he’s gone!

Recyle, reduce, re-use!

The trio is back together!

When you find out after you get home that you accidentally took a picture… and it’s kinda cool!

Around the Resort

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure has had a giant operational shakeup. Trams now run in the opposite direction as construction gets underway on the new parking structure coming to the former Pinocchio Parking Area.

The original loading station is now being used as an exit only station. Guests are now being funneled back IN to the structure to go through security and new loading stations inside.

Merch Run

Tomorrowlanding has gone to stitch merch.

The Star Wars nametag engraving is still in here and you can get a small amount of Star Wars merch in here still.

Grad Nites are near and the shelves are stocked with merch.

Sweetie, you basic.

Tee Time!

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