After making its debut last month, TANGLED BEFORE EVER AFTER is now ready to bring home on DVD. We had the chance to review the feature and were pleasantly surprised to find not only the movie here but also a few bonus materials (ok, it was four shorts) and a cute little prize inside the case!

Taking me back to the days of digging into a new box of cereal for the toy at the bottom, I found myself oddly more giddy than I should be to find that after opening the case I get not just a DVD disc but also a neat little tie-up diary. Featuring designs inspired by the artistry of Rapunzel herself, the cute little tome features a little drawstring that lets you tie up the book to keep those passages secure.

As for the feature itself, it’s essentially two episodes smooshed into one “feature length” movie that sets up the premise for the entire show. You see, it’s a little confusing if you’re wondering why Rapunzel once again has her flowing golden locks after losing them in the climatic ending of the original story. This takes place after the film. But if you’ve seen the animated short TANGLED: EVER AFTER, then you know that the adventerous princess had short here there too. So how does this show take place inbetween the film (short hair) and the animated short (also short hair)… well therein lies the setup laid out in the feature! So this is TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER.


The animation style I found to be a fun and refreshing style. While it has the trademark 2D flatness of many cartoons out there today, it still oddly has a bit of depth and roundness to it that creates for a fun hybrid style that feels true to the “real” environment of the film but also adapts well as a unique new style for these new adventures. The content itself plays out exactly as what it it, it’s short-form storytelling suitable for a television program. It’s not all together gripping but features the characters and environments we know and love from the feature.

The feature includes the notable cast from the show including Mandy Moore (“This Is Us”) as Rapunzel; Zachary Levi (“Chuck”) as Eugene, formerly known as Flynn Rider; Eden Espinosa(Broadway’s “Wicked”) as Cassandra; Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) as Rapunzel’s mother, Queen Arianna; and Clancy Brown (“Sofia the First”) as Rapunzel’s father, King Frederic.

The series is available now on Disney Channel and features songs by Academy Award-winning Disney legend Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. Emmy Award-winning Kevin Kliesch (“Tangled Ever After”) serves as score composer. It’s a well rounded group of talent for this project!

TANGLED BEFORE AFTER AFTER is available now on DVD. You can catch TANGLED: THE SERIES on Disney Channel or through the Disney Channel App.