Parking at the Disneyland Resort for quite some time now has been less than fun experience and new restrictions coming to Downtown Disney will either make that situation better or worse depending on how you look at it.

Effective August 16, 2017, the parking policy will be updated to provide 2 hours of free parking when you make a $20 minimum purchase and receive validation from any Downtown Disney location (including quick-service restaurants and kiosks)—or up to 4 hours of free parking with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant or AMC Theatres movie experience.

Beyond these validations, each additional hour will cost $12, charged in 30-minute increments, with a minimum $6 charge after the initial 15-minute grace period. Additionally, the maximum daily parking and lost ticket fees will increase from $36 to $48.

By continuing to remove ease and convenience to the parking situation at the Disneyland Resort, the new changes should hopefully aim to alleviate the constantly overwhelmed infrastructure to get into or get out of the parking lots for Downtown Disney. Disney’s Eastern Gateway Project is one method in which Disney is hoping to help alleviate the constant issue of parking in and around the Disneyland Resort but it’s still years away from completion especially with rumors abound that the original late 2018 completion date may no longer be on the table.