It was another decided soggy weekend at the Disneyland Resort as California slowly gets itself out of the devastating drought that has been drying up the landscape for years. While the rain is certainly welcome it does put a bit of a damper on progress and construction all around the Resort on various projects.

Big news this week is the exceedingly popular Red Rose Tavern which has taken over the Village Haus with a new menu and decor in celebration of the upcoming release of the new live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. (In theaters March 17!)

AP Days also continues on this week with a new promotional button and a swap of the character rotation that bids adieu to Robin Hood and crew and says hello to some old friends… the Country Bears! The Star Wars themed land is moving along at a hurried pace to get vertical construction under way all across the construction site. Meanwhile, the Frontierland facing thematic elements are moving along for their opening later this year.

We also found that several existing refurbishments are still in progress including the Advnetureland restrooms, Pioneer Mercantile, and Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie (which has found a temporary home in Le Bat En Rouge.) Of course, we’ll have a small merch around up for you, as well.

All of this and more in our latest pictorial update! ENJOY!

AP Daze

There’s two weeks left for Disneyland’s AP Days. The event ends March 9, 2017. Here’s more details on Disneyland 2017 Winter AP Days.

This week’s button features Mr. Bumblebee!

The Country Bears have booted Robin Hood and crew back to the Sherwood Forest.

More ‘Beauty and the Beast’

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has slowly taken over the entire Disneyland Resort in support of the movie.

The Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre is now exclusively playing the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST storytelling story.

Gaston has been seen more frequently of late as have Belle (in her blue dress) and the Beast.

Maurice’s Treats is always popular but especially so now that they offer a Grey Stuff Breadtwist.

Nom. Nom.

Perhaps most popular of late is the Red Rose Taverne which opened this past weekend with new decor and menu. Waits up to 2 hours were found on Saturday and even rain did not scare away guests who were waiting to sync their teeth into the new menu items…

Something There That Wasn’t There Before

Disneyland this weekend welcomed what’s proving to be an immensely popular offering with the Red Rose Taverne taking over the former Village Haus for a temporary overlay that promotes the upcoming live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with new decor, film props, and expansive menu featuring poutine, specialty sandwiches, and even the grey stuff! It’s all delicious.

Read more: PICTORIAL: Inside Disneyland’s new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed limited-time restaurant offering

Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth as seen in the live-action adaptation of the film have made their way into the restaurant amongst other props and decorations.


The lightup Red Rose Sipper is already sold out. Also, so far each day that the restaurant has been open they’ve been running out quite early of some of the signature offerings including the Grey Stuff Gateau, Lemon Rose Cake, and Gaston’s Famous Brew.

Beauty-ful Merch

They brought out alternate Belle dolls to join the movie Belle dolls which seem to not be selling quite as well as one might hope.

I can’t, so cute!!!

Star Wars Land


The concrete is looking more like wood every day!

They might need some Rusteeze on that bridge soon!

Work continues on Tom Sawyer Island for Fantasmic! which is promised to return “later this year” as in late summer or after.

New additions every week.

Projector coming soon.

Lots to do.

They started up the raft, maybe they’re like old cars? Can’t just leave it parked, have to start up the engine once a week.

Looks like some Fantasmic! barges are parked out on Tom Sawyer Island.

Wouldja look at that?

Just look at it!

The Sailing Ship Columbia is out of dry dock and sporting her tall masts!

Dead men tell no tales but she’ll be telling new ones once Fantasmic! returns later this year.

More Disneyland

Fantasyland is even more busy than normal since the Red Rose Taverne opened.

Signage finally removed on the Castle Heraldry shop.

It’s definitely spring in all the Main Street window displays.

No Fantasia ice cream. Fail.

Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie is temporarily closed but you can still find your scents at Le Bat En Route.

Hate when that happens.

Not much visible progress at the complete rebuild of the area in Snow White Grotto.

No Pirates of the Caribbean for you.

First baby duckies of the season!



An always fashionable duckie. Love Daisy!

Disneyland allowed guests to watch the Oscars on Sunday evening.

Splash Mountain was 100% guarantee of getting wet today… so long as you were riding during the intermittent showers.

Looks like a Disney-Pixar animated short, doesn’t it?

So busyyyyy! So much for those ticket increases!

No Bobsled runs for you.

Cost of parking went up $2 around the Disneyland Resort. This coincided with the recent ticket price increases. Preferred parking did not raise prices.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT

Tarps went back up on the facade of the former of Tower of Terror.

Merch Run

Amazing new sets of cards! $30. I want need ALL OF THEM!!!

Beauty and the Beast, too!

A better look at what’s inside each of them. Fantastic conceptual artwork for each of the respective films.

So cute! Easter Mickey and Minnie.

Adorable portrait sketches!!


Fun mug design.

We accidentally mislabeled the gender-neutral Mickey Bubble wands in our update last week. Here they are!

But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?

Ok these LENOX princess mugs are kinda cute.

Maybe not that cute.

Well, there they are.

Gender non-confirming.

Seasons of Magic!

Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day. <3

Only 302 sleeps until Christmas!

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