Packing in crowds not unlike those during the busy holiday and summer seasons, the Disneyland Resort was a little bit of a mad house this past holiday weekend. A combination of factors including some of the most pleasant weather in weeks plus expiring Cast Member comp tickets led to the high volumes of visitors.

On this trip, we caught a few more of the Main Street Electrical Parade celebratory treats, got another look at the construction of the Star Wars themed land, and more looks at all the various refurbishments going on around the resort.

Of course, Disney California Adventure is also admist its largest Lunar New Year Celebration with a food festival, entertainment, and more in Paradise Pier. With the actual Lunar New Year taking place on Saturday, January 28th, it was a great time to re-visit the goings on.

Of course, we’ll also have another merch run for you. All of this and more in our latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Free’s A Crowd

The crowds were in full force this weekend thanks in part to a combination of factors. Various comp tickets of various sorts(Cast Member, Club 33, Performing groups, etc.) all expired on Sunday. This pushed Disneyland’s capacity to super high levels, familiar to anyone visiting the parks in December or in July.

Regular ART buses were being pulled into the rotation to shuttle guests from Toy Story Parking Lot.

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure was no less crowded.

The driveway to Downtown Disney and the Resort hotels was also backed up.

We tried to squeeze a pictorial into a visit that had alternative goals than our usual pictorial trips.

PRO TIP: City Hall isn’t the the only place to grab celebration buttons. Many shops, including the Disney Showcase right across the way also have the buttons and usually far less waits!

MaxPass ready?

As the Disneyland Resort moves towards its yet-unannounced launch date for the new up-charge MaxPass system, we’re already starting to see the digitalization of Disney’s FastPass service coming to the parks.

In Florida, handy little readers are the norm for processing FastPasses, wait times, etc. and for the first time at Disneyland we started seeing a little bit of that digitaliziation!

While waiting in line at Indiana Jones Adventure, the attraction went down. Lights went on in the queue and people were told they could stay in line. However, since we had dining reservations, we asked for a Re-Admit. Instead of getting a familiar piece of paper that would grant us access to the attraction later, we were instead asked to scan a ticket or AP for any ONE person in our group. We were asked how many people were in our party and they used a hand-held scanner similar to what’s used Florida and were sent on our merry way.

This happened to us twice on the same day. First when Indiana Jones Adventure went down and the second time when we went to redeem a Big Thunder Mountain FastPass return time and the attraction was down.

MSEP Treats

Didn’t catch these last trip. More Main Street Electrical Parade treats…


More buggy treats celebrating the unique floats of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

These aren’t to celebrate the Main Street Electrical Parade but equally as notable, a Maple Bacon on the left and a chocoloate/sprinkle donut topped with a house-made strawberry marshmallow.

Happy Year of the Rooster!

Saturday was the actual Lunar New Year, the festival runs through next weekend. Check out more details about Disney California Adventure Lunar New Year Celebration!

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Processional.

Star Wars Land

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad shack continues along.

The sign that was previously on the back of the shack (facing north) was relocated to the front (facing south).

Closer look.

Lots of wiring.

Can I get a large fry, please?

Tom Sawyer Island

The wooden structure that went up a few weeks ago has seemingly disappeared.

What’s up, dock?

Safe D begins with me!


More Disneyland


The faux shrubs have been replaced by actual shrubs, separating the Stagedoor Cafe and River Bell Terrace dining areas.

No western merch for you.

But here’s some hats!

Mardi Gras looks a lot like Christmas…

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, no ice cream for breakfast.

But waffles AFTER breakfast!

Stars and stripes and love and Mickey and Starbucks. BUY ME!

Boba Fett! Didn’t realize he also talks to guests!

Jungle Cruise still being de-jingled.

Boats waiting to resume journeys.

If you do an Aladdin’s Oasis Main Street Electrical Parade dining package, you can eat inside!

At Disney California Adventure

Trattoria Salad with Shrimp!


Spaghetti Bolognese.

Quattro Pomodoro.

Birthday treat, yum! With the same Kiwi and Raspberry reductions as the Main Street Electrical Parade cake at Plaza Inn.

Grizzly River Run would have been popular with the pleasant weather this weekend.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is still down for refurbishment.

They missed one Christmas decoration at the Grizzly Peak Airfield!

I’m not all here, myself.

Merch Run

Bahaha. Star Wars Chocolate. Aren’t you a little short… on chocolate? I find your lack of chocolate disturbing.


Phases of the moon. (That’s no moon.)

Retro style Tink. Fun design.