Disney has given us everything from iconic animated movies to endlessly enjoyable theme parks. But the Disney corporation has also delivered many memorable gaming hits too!

Although Disney characters have been in video games since 1981, it wasn’t until Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse came to Sega consoles in 1990 that the company received a worthy gaming title. This was Mickey Mouse’s first successful venture into the gaming world and this great platform game can even be enjoyed online, and special mention must also be made to Quackshot that was Donald Duck’s best gaming outing of the decade.


Another big Disney gaming hit in the 1990s was The Lion King game. Although this platformer had impressive graphics for the time, many felt that the gameplay was a little lacking which is an accusation that couldn’t be leveled at the Mega Moolah slots game you can find at the Australian site Lucky Nugget Casino that takes more than a little inspiration from The Lion King franchise.

Although the 1990s is commonly seen as the golden age of Disney gaming thanks to hits like Aladdin and Mickey Mania, there have been plenty of other great Disney games titles in recent years. One awesome game that has often been overlooked was 2002’s Kingdom Hearts which was a fantastic action-RPG game that saw many of the top Disney characters competing alongside iconic Square Enix heroes such as Sora and Riku.

In 2010 there was Epic Mickey for Wii which was one of the more innovative Disney games that took some inspiration from Super Mario Sunshine, but added a more atmospheric element that showed that even Mickey Mouse has a dark edge. Then 2013’s Disney Infinity showed that the company can keep up with modern gaming trends thanks to the great interactive gaming features that saw all gamers getting in on the craze for collectible Disney figures.

Special mention must also be made for the Magical World series that was a great life simulation title that allowed you to live the life of iconic characters such as Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan, and this year’s Tron RUN/r showed how diverse the current Disney gaming scene is. Whatever gaming style is popular, Disney will find a way to be in that space!

And although we probably won’t see a Disney online slots game, it seems as though Disney is keen to embrace the mobile gaming era and so we can expect to see plenty more great Disney games in the future!

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