The sheer scope and scale of ONE DAY AT DISNEY is a feat of merit in its own rite. The upcoming 52-episode documentary (with episodes ranging from 4 to 7 minutes) was a coordinated effort to follow 52 of the most diverse and unique roles within the company to highlight how complex and varied the task of making that trademark Disney magic.

From the theme parks and television to veterinary services and more, there’s a lot to explore but that’s not what makes this effort so amazing; it’s the fact that it was all filmed on the SAME DAY. The name of the show is not just a cute play on words. What you’ll find over the coming weeks is that ONE DAY AT DISNEY is literally showcasing all the things that were happening in the Disney company on ONE single day… February 21, 2019 to be specific!

The whole thing unfolds with a 1-hour documentary highlighting several of the Cast Members and establishing the tone for what’s to come with each burst of short episodic chapters. We find Disney CEO Bob Iger kicking the whole thing off with a meeting at Pixar Animation Studios, relating anecdotes in a meeting from his time working at ABC. The start of the documentary seems abrupt but once the train departs the station it really starts rolling as it goes into super great peeks behind the scenes including television personality Robin Roberts in the New York studio, a Disneyland engineer in the train roundhouse, and even inside the Marvel Studio offices amongst much, much, more.

The whole show will be coupled with a book by the same name, highlighting these same magic makers (call it a spoiler’s guide if you will) in a beautiful 224-page coffee table book format that also comes out tomorrow.

To find out more about the people featured in the premiere episode, you can see our previous posting from the D23 Expo:

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See it for Yourself

ONE DAY AT DISNEY series launches on the Disney+ streaming service (and is also available as a book) starting December 3, 2019.