A mandatory for any good Con is COSPLAY. Fans from all over celebrate their fandom with costumes representing their favorite stories and pop culture references. From arcane and obscure to the most obvious and current, there’s always a wide breadth of talented individuals who put it all on the line to dress up like their favorite characters.

This year we’re happy to once again share a selection of some of our favorite looks from the Con. Even though there seemed to be a notable decline in cosplay in and around San Diego Comic-Con this year there’s still a lot of great looks that we encountered!

Xena Ballroom Princess

Disney Princess Jedi

The Mad Hatress


So much Rey!

CG Favorites

Mary Poppins!

Disney Princess!

Disney Villains

“Double D” Darth DeVil

More Disney

Harley Quinn

So much Harley Quinn in every possible incarnation.

More Great Cosplay

And of course these jokesters trying to make cosplay great again.