It’s a great big wonderful “Dynamic World of Disney Comics” and we’re just living in it! This past week at San Diego Comic-Con a slew of reveals and announcements were made for upcoming comics that will be hitting shelves in the coming months.

Comprised of a panel that included Daron Nefcy (creator and executive producer, Star vs. the Forces of Evil), Gianfranco Cordara (vice president, global magazines & new IP, Disney Publishing Worldwide), Roberto Santillo (director, art development & academia Disney), Mike Siglain (creative director, Lucasfilm Publishing) the panel offered a lot of info covering a wide span of the Disney universe.

Mike Siglain shared exciting news for LucasFilm fans with the confirmation of new comics for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as Episodes I, II, and III. Following the success of graphic novels for Episodes IV, V, and VI, announced, the full saga will now be represented in beautiful graphic novel form.

Obviously, these new Star Wars saga stories will be akin to animated re-tellings of the movies but it’s other upcoming projects where there has been a lot of special attention paid to not just re-telling stories but creating new ones. The design process is super important in creating any of these comics and it’s an entirely different kind of challenge to take movies and franchises that already known and turning them into comics that feel satisfying and deepen a fan’s connection to the characters in a meaningful way.

 There’s also going to be a fun new two-part manga series: Beauty/Beast by TOKYOPOP. Based on the live live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST debuting in theaters in March 2017, the two books will take on different approaches. For the Series One book we’ll find the story from the Beast’s perspective and for Series Two we’ll see it all from Belle’s perspective. It should definitely add some new insights into the character dynamics, especially Series One giving more voice to the Beast who for a majority of the film is shrouded in mystery.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Comics and DuckTales Cinestory Volume 1 are also coming soon further expanding the respective worlds from the cherished television shows. There will also be new Frozen Comics from Joe Books as well as new Zootopia and Finding Dory comics.

Check newstands and comic shops near you for these and many more titles from Disney Comics!