On the very last day of San Diego Comic-Con I found myself with an unexpected pocket of availability and was able to get myself into the ANIMANIACS LIVE! panel. I expected to enjoy myself but I didn’t anticipate it would be one of the best highlights of my Con.

The panel was put on in promotion of the new Animaniacs Live! but that still didn’t take away from the fact that it was a reunion of  Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille and Jess Harnell… you might better know them as the voices of the Warner Bros. Yakko and Wakke and the Warner sister Dot. Along with series songwriter Randy Rogel they talked about the impact of the show over the years and its recent rebirth in popularity thanks to Netflix.

Even better? They had a keyboard setup and sang several of the show’s most memorable tunes including “Yakko’s World (The Nations of the World),” “Wakko’s America (The 50 US States and Their Capitols)” and of course the show’s main theme song “Animaniacs.” In-between songs they also told stories about working on the show and specific memories from being a part of the show. They even shared a new song that encouraged to PUT A BRAIN IN THE WHITE WHITE HOUSE! Narf!

To call it an unforgettable panel was an understatement and as the final panel I attended for the 2016 Con it was truly a perfect bookend to a truly fantastic week.


“Animaniacs” Theme Song:

Wakko’s America:

Yakko’s World: