Back for yet another San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. burst into Ballroom 20 today with cast and crew to talk about the upcoming fourth season.

Moderated by Jeph Loeb, Jeff Bell (Executive Producer), Maurissa Tancharoen (Co-creator), Jed Whedon (Co-Creator) and Cast members, Henry Simmons (Mack), Ian De Caestecker (Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons) Ming-Na Wen (May), Chloe Bennet (Daisy) and Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) it was a fantastic hour with a truly fantastic group of people who clearly love what they do. They bring an energetic joy to the room and it’s palpable.

Today, we bring our top six reasons why we think this panel is one of the best every year from #SDCC!

1. Awesome unseen footage

Who doesn’t like seeing footage from their favorite show? I know, I sure love it, and so do all Marvel fans. This panel never fails to deliver! This year, they started the whole thing off a sizzle reel recapping the last season then treated us to the always hilarious blooper reel. Since Season Four just started filming, there’s not much to show but we were also treated to two brand new clips.

The first clip featured the audition reel with Elizabeth Henstridge and Ian De Caestecker which led to the infamous “Fitzsimmons” Season One finale scene. The next was a deleted screen test between Chloe Bennett and Brett Dalton, which was directed by Joss Whedon; a very funny clip between the two with Skye saying at the end of the scene “Marriage sucks.”

2. Jeph Loeb really loves his job

Before even introducing the cast, Jeph was hyping up the crowd; making each section chant the newest time slot for the show.

He and Clark Gregg have a great relationship that’s obvious with their interactions. Clark came out onto the stage and interrupted him jokingly asking if they could finally “do the thing” yet, meaning the end of panel grand reveal for next season. Jeph seems genuinely excited about what is coming next for Marvel television, and geeks out as much as the fans do for something new.

3. The entire cast loves their job

It’s no surprise that the cast has fun together. Just like Jeph, you can tell they love coming to work everyday. They all shared what their favorite episode or scenes have been. Clark Gregg says his favorite episode is when Nick Fury came back and surprised Coulson and when Fitz Simmons smooched.

“Let’s all raise our glass to Bobbi and HunterJeph talking about “A Spy’s Goodbye” episode. Henry Simmons who plays Mack, said in that episode he wasn’t acting, it was really emotional for him saying goodbye to Bobbi and Hunter Jed Whedon said the finales are always crazy, everything coming down to the wire.

Jed said you can always tell when Ming-Na doesn’t read the script because of her wild reactions during the table read. The panel all gave Brett Dalton a round of applause even though he couldn’t make it to this year’s con.

4. They do crazy things to get the perfect shot

Elizabeth Henstridge once got heat stroke while filming a scene where she was actually supposed to be pretending to be cold during the scene.  Henry Simmons talked about his fear of heights after he had to climb something that was eight feet . Of course, the cast made fun of him since he was actually only a couple of feet from the ground since he is so tall.

5. They really love the fans

The cast and crew always try and do their best to answer every question at the panel. An adorable kid asked the panel what’s it like being a part of the Marvel Universe. Clark Gregg related, “I’ve been in the Marvel Universe since I was 11.” He was first a comic book fan and then watched the MCU bloom, spanning from movies to TV and the expansion with Netflix.

Ming-Na, when asked what it feels like to play a strong female character, said “it’s a tremendous honor that girls look up to May as a strong female character.” Both she and Chloe talked about what it’s like to be that inspiration for women. Girl power!

Jed and Jeph both teased that we might see more from Bobbi and Hunter since their show MARVEL’S MOST WANTED didn’t get picked up. Another person asked if we will see a new love interest for Daisy since both Ward and Lincoln are dead. Gregg said “we’re trying to find one, but no one wants the job!” which got a reaction from the crowd.

6. The teasers always get you excited for what’s next!

Two words: GHOST RIDER!!!!! VENGEANCE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. returns to ABC on September 20th. 

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