Without much hulabaloo in light of the recent cancellation announcement for the Disney Infinity platform, Disney unveiled today the new Alice, Mad Hatter and Time characters that are available now for purchase.

Character highlights for the new figures include:

  • Alice – Underland’s most inquisitive explorer teams up with her friends for adventure. Her special moves include using a flamingo croquet mallet to fight enemies and ability to grow and shrink in size.
  • Mad Hatter – Underland’s maddest tea party host tosses hats to fend off unwanted guests. He uses his magical hat to spawn cakes and teapots, and he can also summon a tea party to battle enemies.
  • Time – Underland’s keeper of time can slow and stop time using his Chronosphere.

Alice, Mad Hatter and Time are available at retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $13.99 each.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS lands in theaters May 27, 2016!

The upcoming release of the FINDING DORY Play Set will be the final major release for the Disney Infinity platform.