Not very long after initially making the announcement for Star Wars ForceTasmic!, Disney confirmed in an issued statement this evening that plans for the highly anticipated new offering have in fact been scrapped.

Although no official reason was given for the immediate cancellation of the new show, Disney Parks and Resorts has been under a firestorm of cost-saving measures being introduced on both coasts in the US. With the new Shanghai Disney Resort in China coming in significantly behind-schedule and over-budget, efforts are being initiated to shore up the bottom line for the division as a whole.

Over the past few weeks, Disney has announced several closures and hiatuses to various areas of its operation including entertainment, staffing, and beyond. A seemingly big surge of new extra-cost up-charge events have also been announced; possibly in efforts to up profit margins in wake of the under-estimated costs of bringing to fruition the new Chinese resort which is scheduled to open June 16, 2016.

For more on the announcement, see the full announcement from Disney.