This weekend geeks are united once again at the Long Beach Convention Center for LONG BEACH COMIC CON. While not nearly as big as San Diego’s big event, the popularity continues to grow and there seems to be more fans flocking to the yearly gathering with more content being added.

Our focus at any Con is to find the little Disney touches throughout the event and we’ve captured just a small taste of all the sights! Enjoy!


One really cool part of the Con is always the Star Cars they have front before you enter the Convention Center. This year there were of course lots of Jurassic World vehicles being represented. Here are some of our favorite cars.


One of the things you are guaranteed to see at any fandom convention is the cosplay. It’s always our favorite, with people coming up with out of the box ideas to bring their favorite characters or shows to life. Here are a few that caught our eye!


Another one of my favorite things at a convention is Artist Alley. There are truly some talented people you can find going up and down the aisles. Here are just a very few of some cool Disney art we ran into at the Con.