Cosplay is a cherished tradition of a good geekfest and San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest amassings of geeks showing their fandom. Clever, unique, and carefully crafted outfits, costumes, and creations are on display all weekend long ranging from the classic comic book characters to the obscure animes to the most main stream films and cartoons.

We now proudly present our pickings of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Cosplay!

Disney Cosplay

We’ll start first obviously with DISNEY…

Gotta love family cosplay, especially when it’s so well executed!

Tweedles were popular!

Inside Out was popular, Joy being the most popular character from the film that we saw.

Wreck it Ralph continues to be popular.

Baymax of all sorts.

Honey Lemon was popular this year too.

Disney Princesses!

Once Upon a Time


Disney-Related Cosplay

There was a lot of Kikis!

Marvel cosplay

Flashback Cosplay

More Superheroes

More awesome cosplay

Star Wars Cosplay

More cosplay

And of course… Carmen San Diego.