Over the past few years, we’ve seemed to notice a bit of a decline in cosplay at various conventions but especially at San Diego Comic-Con. This year in particular was noticeable due partly to the change in the secured area requiring badges being pushed out further into the Gas Lamp district. Since many cosplayers often don’t have credentials they were forced out of the easily accessible areas of the Convention Center.

Still, there were a whole bunch of fans who braved summer heat to share their fandom with their fellow geeks. Everything form Disney to Marvel to Star Wars and beyond. We have them organized into four sections. ENJOY!

Disney Cosplay

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Holy smokes, Roger, we’ve been cosplayed! Gotta love that gender-bend Moana!

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Te Fiti and Te Kā represented in one gorgeous cosplay. Plus the mystic gypsy Esmeralda!

20180721_155412 20180722_120527

What’s this? Jack Skellington and Belle!

20180722_145516 20180721_143416

Villains! Queen of Hearts and… wait for it… SCARface. His name is Hakunna Montana. What do you think of his little friend?

Marvel Cosplay


Wowzers, check out these guys representing Thor, Gamora and Nebula!

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Basically half of the Avengers represented here and all super super awesome! Captain America, Doctor Strange (gender bend), Thor (gender bend), Spider-Man, Shuri, Killmonger, and a puppeteered Rocket Raccoon. And scope that Thanos modeled by its creator, Face Off alumn Walter Welsh! Amazing, right!?



Star Wars

20180721_111538 20180720_184546

Lando Calrissian and Ahsoka Tano.

received_10161059981500179 20180722_170740

Carbonite Solo and Princess Leia Liberty.

Miscellaneous Cosplay


Legends of Tomorrow including The Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow!


Villains of yesterday.

20180719_150351 20180721_144637

Ronald McDonald Thor… scope that hammer XD. Alrighty then!


Ok, these are awesome! IT!


Welp, there’s those Marges.


Zoiks! How awesome is this Scooby Doo group cosplay!? Jinkies, they even have the Scooby Snacks!!

Hungry for More?

We didn’t capture very much cosplay this year so we invite you to check our recap of cosplay from last year!

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