After much speculation and debate, it’s official… selfie sticks are now banned from US Disney Parks. That includes both parks at the Disneyland Resort plus all four parks at Walt Disney World and its waterparks and DisneyQuest.

The new policy, effective June 30 for US parks, comes days after incidents earlier this week in which the California Screamin’ attraction at Disney California Adventure Park was halted after a guest pulled out a selfie stick mid-ride. The policy is also expected to roll out July 1 to international Disney Parks in Paris, Hong Kong and the upcoming Shanghai Resort. Tokyo Disneyland Resort has not yet announced any plans for such a policy.

If a guest is found to have a selfie stick, they have the option of either returning it to their car or they can go to Lost and Found where they can turn it in for a claim ticket that will allow them to pick it up on their way out of the Parks. Security screenings at the park entrances will now be on the lookout following the new policy. Small tripods that can be stowed away in a backpack or bag are still allowed.

Suzi Brown, an official spokesperson for the Disneyland Resort added, “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.”