Although PETER PAN’S FLIGHT won’t officially make its new debut until July 1, Disney has released a small sneak peek at one of the newly-updated scenes inside the Darling nursery.

Here we see a much more active scene with the kids already in flight (vs sitting in their beds previously). New projection effects include a glowing Tinker Bell zipping around the room leaving a path of flight-inducing pixie dust in her path!

Disney has been mostly mum on what exactly will be changing, below is a snippet that they’ve previously released. Concept art for the new scene follows below. It would appear that we also get a brief encounter with Peter Pan’s shadow before we embark on our journey to Neverland.

Also reopening in May is Peter Pan’s Flight, featuring a reimagined nursery scene and a variety of special effects that will make this classic and beloved attraction come to life in new ways.