THE JUNGLE BOOK takes place in a jungle, one of the most typical filming locations for a movie and yet director Jon Favreau opted for this picture to completely create the world with computer generated imagery.

Surely, the movie making business is no stranger to creating completely synthetic CGI worlds–it’s an effective way to realize locations that would otherwise be too expensive, dangerous, or otherwise impossible to create–but for something as relatively simple as a jungle, it doesn’t necessarily come as an obvious choice to go the route of blue screen.

For those who’ve seen the movie, it may be hard to believe that literally every single locale shown in the film was created virtually for the picture. The graphics are absolutely stunning and photo realistic creating an environment that was able to be manipulated to ensure the exact intended result.

This new video released by Disney goes into some of the insights and gives some great behind the scenes footage of actor Neel Sethi in almost completely bare-bones environments that would be turned into water parched fields, misty jungles, and lush river ways.

It was an absolute feat of gigantopithecus proportions and it was totally worth it!

THE JUNGLE BOOK is in theaters now.