Disney Parks fans who are also fans of Star Wars had a whole lot to fret about this afternoon as Disney/Lucas product brand manager Brad Schoenberg teased several of the new merchandise pieces that will be emptying wallets over the next few months.

With the help of product developer Cody Hansen and designer Quynh Kimball a tonof toys, pins, novelty items, and more were unveiled. As a reminder, these great new pieces are all coming to the Disney Parks division so they will not be available at your local Disney Store.

Some of the most memorable pieces included:

  • Lightsaber Baseball Bats
  • New range of phased-launch Ewok plushies
  • Expanded options for Build a Lightsaber and Droid Factory
  • Tons of new merchandise for Star Wars weekends
  • Special custom-made R2-D60 droid toy made for #Disneyland60 anniversary celebration
  • Special custom-made R4-D23 droid toy made for D23 Expo this year