This morning to kick-off the 2015 Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center, JJ Abrams and Lucas Film President Kathleen Kennedy moderated a geek-filled hour of thrills, chills and reveals!

Perhaps the most buzzed about piece is the trailer that was debuted during the event and later made available online but fans in attendance also got the chance to see some the biggest Star Wars stars including:

  • Carrie Fisher
  • Mark Hamill
  • Anthony Daniels
  • Peter Mayhew

Also in tow were the film’s new primary cast of stars including John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Oscar Isaac.


Among things we learned during the panel were some details about the key players in the film.

  • The desert planet seen in footage thus far is actually the planet of Jakku, not Tatooine as many have assumed.
  • Boyega’s character, Finn, is a Stormtrooper but perhaps is torn with where his allegiances lie.
  • Ridley’s character, Rey, is scavenger who lives in a ship graveyard.
  • Isaac’s character, Poe Dameron, is an X-Wing pilot with a mission from “a certain princess” who we can only assume would be Princess Leia.
  • BB8, best known as the “Rolling Droid” was actually a practically-built machine, not CGI!



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