The Disneyland Resort is launching a new benefit for Cast Members who are having trouble with paying for their childcare costs. The Disneyland Resort will be making a $10 million annual commitment to a new program aimed at reducing some of the financial burden for childcare for full- and part-time hourly and salaried Cast Members with children 12 years old and younger.

How it Works

With this new plan, Cast Members will:

  • Select from a variety of licensed childcare facilities in multiple locations.
  • Receive financial assistance determined by a variety of factors including household size, gross annual household income and space availability.
  • Have payments made directly to the childcare providers, with no reimbursement required.

Existing Childcare Benefitsbob iger childcare program 2019

This newest benefit is added to a list of childcare related offerings including:

  • Backup care
  • Childcare referral assistance
  • Center discounts
  • Homework help
  • Various parenting educational resources

Commitment to Cast

The $10 million annual commitment — which can fluctuate based on usage — is the newest of a series of new features aimed at improving work-life quality for Cast Members. Other new initiatives include:

  • Disney Aspire — 100% free tuition program for hourly full- and part-time Cast Members
  • Extensive program to renovate breakrooms throughout the Resort
  • Low-cost healthcare options for full-time Cast, starting at just $6 for employee only and $60 for family coverage per week
  • Competitive starting wages that far outpace the state minimum wage for the majority of Disneyland Resort Cast Members