Star Wars Rebels had a big presence at Star Wars Celebration this year packing in not only some showfloor space and an Arena panel, but a press conference for the media as well. MouseInfo was invited to partake in the press conference to get an even deeper look into the previous season and for the chance to squeeze out some additional details for the future.

The question we had was answered right off the bat as the very first person to ask a question actually asked what we wanted to know: if there were hidden in-jokes, references, or Hidden Mickeys to look out for in the show. Filoni denied it pretty quickly noting that while he appreciates those types of details, he said that it’s not something they set out to do in the show. One thing he did mention though was that the art department may very well sneak some of those elements in but nothing in an official sort of sense.

Otherwise, each of the panelists had interesting experiences and tidbits to share from their time working on Star Wars Rebels and with the Lucas family…

Dave Filoni
Executive Producer

The notoriously tight-lipped creator and executive producer of the show lived quite well up to his reputation and seemed to have groomed the rest of the panelists quite well. This means that as far as Season 2 hints and spoilers there were not a lot. At least, not more than what they already announced/teased during the main panel.

Filoni also said working on Rebels after Lucas retired was like doing a final exam. He wanted to get everything perfect, and had huge anxiety the day they screened the pilot for him. They screened two episodes for him, and said he loved it.

Simon Kinberg
Creator, Executive Producer

Simon Kinberg said they studied Vader’s fighting style carefully for the animation in Rebels. Also speaking about the upcoming season, he said each of the characters will struggle with where they came from and go through extreme personal struggles.

When also speaking about meeting George Lucas for the first time, he said he was a little loopy since he hates flying. He thought he would be able to go to the hotel and rest, but was told his meeting was moved up. But he was actually glad he was a little loopy since he was extremely nervous!

Freddie Prinze Jr.
Voice of Kanan

Freddie Prinze Jr. said he has never had so much fun acting then he is working on Star Wars Rebels. He also said it is a great job for a dad, since he can go into work wearing whatever, and not having to worry about hair or makeup. When asked about what his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar, will play in Season Two, he said he couldn’t say.

Speaking about his character Kanan, he said you will learn a lot about his past during this season. His personal journey on becoming a Jedi. He also said Star Wars Rebels teaches you more about real life than any cartoon show he has seen.

Vanessa Marshall
Voice of Hera

Vanessa says there is a great metaphor in Star Wars Rebels about walking the walk and talking the talk. She also said this season her character Hera will let everyone else figure out their issues, but she will still be there to guide them. More so of a motherly figure this season for her character.

Taylor Gray
Voice of Ezra

Taylor says that was the first time they all got to see the Season Two trailer and their reaction was just like the audience! Crazy and excited! Filoni also said that we will learn more about Ezra’s parents and where they are, much like we will with Sabin’s back story this season.

We will also learn how Ezra gets his scar. Taylor also said Ezra starts looking for guidance next season, which might be a reason why Kanan does not like Captain Rex.

Tiya Sircar
Voice of Sabine

Like all of the characters for Season Two we will find out much about Sabine’s back story and why she is so angry. We will learn more about Sabin’s parents and how that shaped her into the person she is today.

She says she definitely feels like the cast is a family, and loves to hear when people can relate to each character, especially Sabine.

Steve Blum
Voice of Zeb

Steve said he cannot wait to explore more of Zeb’s background for season two. He even joked that we might find out more about Chopper’s background. Steve also said that the general theme for season two is family, and how they stick together and learn from their past.

Everyone on the cast says they absolutely love seeing people getting emotional about the show and doing cosplay.


You can see the full press conference in the video below.