According to Nikkei Asian Review, the Oriental Land Company–which owns and operates the Tokyo Disney Resort–will be undergoing a massive fiscal investment/expansion to the tune of $4.58 billion (USD) through 2023. As there are no other reportings on this topic we post this as pure speculation and rumor. Take it with a grain of snow!

As part of the rumored investment, a “large attraction” based on FROZEN (which, in Japan, has a box office take rivaled only by the film Titanic and Avatar) will be included with a recreation of the film’s castle (unclear if it’s Elsa’s ice castle or Arendelle’s own grand palace.) Interestingly, the rumored changes are also to include a renovation of Fantasyland and a relocation of the “it’s a small world” attraction.

There’s no official announcements from the OLC as yet but it’s interesting food for thought to see if/how the well-reputed Japanese company will bring to life Disney’s hottest (coolest?) property in quite some time.

It was recently announced that Tokyo Disneyland would be getting a modest assortment of FROZEN related offerings with Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy.

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