Our friend Luke from LUKE & THE TEMPLE OF FUN has shared news of the selection of the theme and appearance for the Shanghai Disney Resort Subway Station. Featuring a modern design, the station will take on a cool and modern appearance with lots of whites and blues. Mickey iconography is cleverly interspersed throughout the design.

Shanghai Metro held a public voting for 6 potential designs of which the selected design was chosen. Winning by quite a wide margin, the winning design was given the theme of A Fantasy Journey for You.

More photos and information after the jump!

You can read more about it at Luke & the Temple of Fun. As we lead up to the opening of Shanghai Disney, we hope to share more news from our friend, Luke. Enjoy!

The final results for the voting follows:

  • Design 1 9.1%,2507 Votes
  • Design 2 49.9%,13789 Votes
  • Design 3 25.0%,6923 Votes
  • Design 4 9.7%,2685 Votes
  • Design 5 1.3%,354 Votes
  • Design 6 5.1%,1401 Votes

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