The Villas at Disneyland Hotel are the newest lodging destination at the Happiest Place on Earth offering a bunch of accommodation types for all kinds of vacations including the Lock Off 2-Bedroom Villa with preferred view that we’re looking at here which has a theme of THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. We had a chance to tour the newest Disney Vacation Club (DVC) property and are happy to invite you along for a look inside.

The photos and information in this article are from a stay on September 30, 2023.

Room Tour

Before we take a closer look at everything included, enjoy this room tour video below taking a closer look at Room 335 and Room 337 which can be combined as a Lock Off 2-Bedroom Villa  at The Villas at Disneyland Hotel.

What’s Included

The 2-Bedroom Villas feature a theme of either Fantasia or, what you’ll see on this page, Princess and the Frog. The accommodation features a common area with a full kitchen, dinning area, and bathroom plus a primary bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a secondary bedroom with a small kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. This room type may sleep up to 9 guests and 1 infant — cribs and high chairs are available upon request.

villas at the disneyland hotel bumpy start 20230930_172448The Lock Off 2-Bedroom Villas are a clever arrangement that are actually comprised of a 1-Bedroom Villa connected to a Deluxe Studio via a door that’s lockable on both sides as seen below. The noticeable difference is that in the Lock Off 2-Bedroom Villa, the second bedroom is a Deluxe Studio which means it has a separate kitchenette with its own sink, mini refrigerator, and microwave plus its own dedicated entrance separate from the main entrance into the main suite. This feature allows Disney the ability to offer 2-Bedroom Villas when needed but offers the added flexibility of being able to turn it into a 1-Bedroom Villa + a separate Deluxe Studio which can be issued as separate accommodations.


Bedroom 1

The primary bedroom features a king bed, a 55″ flat screen-TV, a wardrobe closet with spare pillows and blanket, and a private balcony. The bathroom includes soaking tub with hand-cut tile mosaic, walk-in shower with bench, double vanity with dual sinks, a separate toilet room, and, of course, a hair dryer. This room also has its own entrance in and out of the suite.

The theme of The Princess and the Frog is evident here with a firefly lit-bayou mural headboard and carpet that features a colorful lily pad motif. Dandelion puffs from the painting are carried through in the nightstand lamps. The beautiful mosaic over the soaking tub evokes an impressionistic painting of a pond with flowers and lily pads. Fireflies light up on the mirrors in the bathroom just like they did in the film for Tiana and Naveen.


20230930_135412 20230930_132638



20230930_132812 20230930_132716 20230930_135144 20230930_135136


20230930_132736 20230930_132754 20230930_132741 20230930_135231


Bedroom 2

The second bedroom features 2 queen beds, a 55″ flat screen-TV, and a closet with a wall safe, spare pillows and blanket. This room has its own kitchenette with sink, mini refrigerator, microwave, toaster and Keurig coffee maker.  You’ll also find additional accoutrement that includes proper dishes, glasses, and eating utensils, can and bottle opener, corkscrew, and ice bucket. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower with bench, a separate toilet room, and hair dryer.

The theme carries through with a rug that features a colorful lily pad motif and the lyric “Blue Skies and Sunshine” heard sung in the film. A relief pattern backsplash behind the television features iconography that evokes the film while artwork over the headboard features Tiana inside of her signature restaurant with her mother. Artwork on the wall features concept art and sketches from the film and beautiful lily pads light up on the mirrors in the bathroom.


20230930_133831 20230930_134401


20230930_134433 20230930_133547




20230930_133340 20230930_133418 20230930_133421 20230930_133349


20230930_133438 20230930_133600


20230930_133656 20230930_134540 20230930_134517 20230930_133716


20230930_133640 20230930_133649 20230930_133705 20230930_133730


20230930_133623 20230930_133741

Common Area

Also serving as the entrance into the suite, amenities include a sitting area (with a queen-size foldout bed) with a 65″ flat screen-TV, and an additional twin foldout bed. This area is connected with the kitchen and dining area, plus an in-room washer & dryer, and a large closet that includes spare pillows and blanket, a laundry basket, iron and ironing board. There is also a bathroom with toilet and standing shower and bench.

Subtle themes for The Princess and the Frog are continue in this space including on a colorful rug that embodies the musical DNA of New Orleans and features the lyric “Dreams Do Come True” heard sung in the film. A lily pad motif that uses vines to evoke the iconic wrought iron work so iconic in New Orleans is also represented in the wallpaper, curtains, and in other details in the room. A layered shadow box style painting of Tiana and her signature restaurant sits over the dining table. Lighted silhouettes of Ray the firefly and Louis the alligator light up the bathroom mirror.


20230930_134903 20230930_132838


20230930_134859 20230930_134854 20230930_132857 20230930_132854


20230930_132449 20230930_132518 20230930_132533 20230930_132540



20230930_134715 20230930_134724

Full Kitchen

Aside from a full-size French door refrigerator with ice maker, you’ll find a large sink, stove, oven, toaster, and dishwasher. Of course, there’s a microwave and Keurig coffee maker plus additional accoutrement that includes proper dishes, glasses, and eating utensils and a host of other things you’ll need to cook up a storm including cooking utensils, pots, pans, a casserole dish, baking sheet, mixing bowls, can and bottle opener, corkscrew, and ice bucket. Although they are not in the room, you can also request a blender, electric mixer, tea kettle, mop, broom, and dustpan.

We took advantage of similar amenities in a dedicated 2-Bedroom Villa and made ourselves a pineapple upside down cake, extra walnuts! But if cooking on vacation is not your speed then you can order from the room service menu which includes a *gulp* $75 steak and shrimp dinner.


20230930_134939 20230930_133138


20230930_133125 20230930_133147


20230930_155721 20230930_155733 20230930_133115 20230930_161856


20230930_133159 20230930_133210 20230930_173522 20230930_173546


The View

All 2-Bedroom Villas offer a preferred view that includes a view of either the Palette Pool or the Monorail Pool and surrounding areas. The rooms also feature a balcony from the primary bedroom for a bit of fresh air to take in the sights.


Electrical Outlets and USB Charging

We found no less than 32 available wall outlets that were not in use and we actually think we might have even missed a few. In addition, there were  7 USB ports and 7 Type C ports making for 46 different ways to power up your tech in this 2-Bedroom Villa.

20230930_161132 20230930_161941


How Much?

As with any hotel, pricing is subject to change and will fluctuate based on day of the week, time of the year, and other factors. Below is a rough estimate of how much it will cost to stay for one night based on data available at the type of posting.

2-Bedroom Villa Pricing:

  • In DVC Points: 43-92 points per night
  • In Cash: $1,397-$2,184 per night

About the Room Types

The accommodation types for the Villas at Disneyland Hotel include 3-Bedroom Grand Villa2-Bedroom Villa, 1-Bedroom Villa, Deluxe Studio, Deluxe Studio GardenDuo Studio, and Duo Studio Garden.

Depending on your accommodation type, the views include Standard View (which may include full or partial views of gardens, streets, or parking areas) or Preferred View (which may include full or partial views of pools). Special Garden Rooms are also available and are a special type of accommodation (in select Deluxe Studio and Duo Studio room types) that are separate from the main tower and feature easy access to the pool with either a patio or a balcony.


Transient Occupancy Tax

There’s an additional Transient Occupancy Tax imposed by the City of Anaheim that gets added to your folio. It’s a $2.78 per point per night charge.

MORE INFO: GUIDE: An additional Transient Occupancy Tax applies to stay at The Villas at Disneyland Hotel; ranging from $28-$556 per night


See it for Yourself

The Villas at Disneyland Hotel officially opened on September 28, 2023. Reservations are now open (VISIT SITE).

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