LOKI is nearly ready for its second season on Disney+ but if you’re looking to relive the first season (and also own a piece of Marvel Studios fan-favorite) you now have your chance with Loki: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray and 4k UHD.

With a hosted copy supplied for review, we’re taking a look at everything you get with this set.

Usually, the bonus extras are the most material feature worth touting when reviewing these home releases but this Steelbook, featuring artwork designed by by artist Attila Szarka gives the god of mischief an especially heroic look. Inside the 2-disc set, there are three 5 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ collectible art cards. They unfortunately do not feature any captions for context but they respectively feature Aligator Loki, Loki at the Roxxcart standoff, and Loki in the void with the Alioth.

The bonus features are almost all on Disc 1 but we’re gonna start talking about the single bonus feature that’s on Disc 2 and that’s Assembled: The Making of Loki. This is by far one of the most robust offerings we’ve seen on a Marvel release in seemingly… ever. It’s a more than 1-hour look into the filmmaking process of the series with Tom Hiddleston narrating. This was a surprising and fantastic deep dive into the character, his lore, his supporting cast, and his journey overall in the MCU. It would almost be worth the price of this set except for the fact that it’s already available been available on Disney+ for some time now.

The remaining features are all located on Disc 1 and are a fun grab bag of extras that are snack sized for your convenience. Designing the TVA is more what we’re used to with extras on a Marvel release and this one does an awesome job looking deeper into one of the more unique facets of this series — it’s production design! Kasra Farahani (Production Designer) along with Hiddleston and others talk about the unique approach for the TVA and even offer a great peek at what we can expect next month with Season 2.

The Official TVA Orientation Video is literally what it sounds like, it’s the full uninterrupted animation of Miss Minutes explaining the inner workings of the TVA timeline in the orientation video seen in the series.

The Gag Reel brings the laughs with gaffes, bloopers, missed lines, and general silly moments from the cast and crew. Hiddleston gets super silly which is really fun to see especially in contrast to the smug self-important character he creates on screen.

There are two Deleted Scenes included for this release and they are pretty interesting looks into the show. The first, Loki’s Coronation, is during the initial interrogations between Loki and Mobius when they review significant moments from Loki’s timeline, this one featuring Frog Thor which is hilarious. There’s a lot of unfinished animation here which is also fun to see as a peek behind the curtain for the filmmaking process. The second deleted scene is The Standoff featuring Loki and Sylvie in an alternate take of the standoff with the TVA.

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LOKI: The Complete First Season on Collector’s Edition 4K UHD and Blu-ray is available now.

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