In a truly fascinating, entertaining, and pure non-stop unadulterated surge of joy, James Arnold Taylor introduced audiences to the world of voice acting in his TALKING TO MYSELF panel at the Star Wars Celebration last night.

If any one in attendance last night didn’t know who he was before the panel last night, they are very likely to have walked away at least remembering him by personality. Taylor is an unstoppable force and you might not have heard of him but you have almost certainly HEARD him. He’s the voice of countless characters and voice-overs that it is quite certainly impossible to have not heard his voice at least once before.

Perhaps you’ve heard of one of the following?

  • Fred Flintstone
  • Gingerbread Man / Prince Charming (Shrek)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGreggor and Alec Guinness)
  • Jack Sparrow (and Johnny Depp)
  • Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future, Atlantis)
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Fox Animation Domination voice-overs
  • Every single Minion in Despicable Me and its sequel

This is just a TINY sampling of the voices that the talented voice actor brings to life when the actual actors are either unavailable or do not want to lend their voice for various uses including commercials, promos, toys, and voice overs.

In his special presentation he gave some history on how he got into voice acting and walkted through the challenges, joys, and tribulations of doing voice work.