Universal Studios Hollywood has once again begun its yearly reign of terror with Halloween Horror Nights back again for the 2023 season. The event features 8 mazes this year and a fresh infusion of fun with two new entertainment offerings that help make the offering even more robust.

With hosted tickets, we were given access to the park to uncover all the terror for ourselves. Join us now for a full look all around Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2023!


House Rankings

In most cases, it’s just not possible to do every single maze in a single night so we’ve done a loose ranking of all the mazes this year to help you prioritize your plan of attack.

  1. The Exorcist: Believer
  2. The Last of Us
  3. Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count
  4. Stranger Things 4
  5. Holidayz In Hell
  6. Universal Monsters: Unmasked
  7. Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America
  8. Evil Dead Rise

The Houses

The Exorcist: Believer


We haven’t seen the movie but the maze was incredibly effective, creepy, and fun. The finale is a winner.


20230909_203821 20230909_204035

The Last of Us


Based on the game, not the show, this was a solid high-quality maze that really shows Universal’s flex power.


20230909_211916 20230909_212331

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count


The maze is pure camp and it’s a murderous delight. Might be light on scares but the visuals are equally silly and grotesque. Loved this!


20230910_003346 20230910_003532 20230910_003607 20230910_003703

Stranger Things 4


The mazes for this show have largely left us wanting more but this year does a really great job of capturing familiar beats of the fourth season.


20230909_202514 20230909_202705 20230909_202724 20230909_202851(0)

Holidayz In Hell


Not a new concept for Universal but still a fun return to this theme. Now traumatized by the smell of gravy.


20230909_205311(0) 20230909_205446 20230909_205612 20230909_205636

Universal Monsters: Unmasked


Wanted to love this but there’s just too much going on to make this feel like a cohesive narrative experience.


20230910_005517 20230910_005525(0) 20230910_005641 20230910_005718

Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America


Similar to the Monsters maze, there’s a lot going on here but the original characters based off real legends is a fun integration.


20230910_012102 20230910_012303 20230910_012421 20230910_012542

Evil Dead Rise


Despite some inventive new sights and scares, this feels like an obvious retread of mazes previously in this location


20230910_000836 20230910_001219

Terror Tram…The Exterminatorz


What if bugs ruled the world and humans were the pests? We get the gory answer with this fun experience that also includes walking through sets for Bates Motel, War of the Worlds, and Nope.


20230909_194739 20230909_195638 20230909_195208 20230909_195222(0) 20230909_195336 20230909_195516


Death Eaters Encounter

Although not officially classified as a scare zone, the Horizont Alley section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been is invaded by Death Eaters in search of those faithful to the Dark Lord while summoning the Dark Mark high above on the grounds of Hogwarts Castle.

Untitled photo

20230910_001602 Untitled photo

Scare Zones

A small selection of scare zones are included this year including Ghostz at the entrance, Toyz on New York Street with a murder-bent toymaker and his haunted creations, El Terror de Las Momias continuing the theme of the adjacent Monsters of Latin America maze.


20230910_013629 20230909_235126 20230910_012651 20230910_012638

Other Attractions

Some of the park’s regular offerings are also available — often with super short waits including:

  • Jurassic World – The Ride
  • Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride
  • The Simpsons Ride
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • Flight of the Hippogriff


With the construction of the new FAST AND FURIOUS roller coaster, the former venue for the Jabbawockeez has been razed which thankfully provided Universal the opportunity to update their entertainment roster for the event.

There are two shows to enjoy this year that are both a change in the dynamic for the popular event. More of this is welcome next year!

The Purge: Dangerous Waters

Utilizing the existing infrastructure for WATERWORLD is such a perfect way to soak up crowds during the event. The show is themed to THE PURGE and is a perfect blend of camp and gore. Running this show sacrifices a maze (which is usually setup around the theater) and we’re absolutely ok with that.


20230909_232308 20230909_233107

Blumhouse: Behind the Screams

This was a really fun and unexpected use of the existing Dreamworks Theater showcasing all the horrors of Blumhouse including actual displays and props from the studio’s library. Inside the theater is a special clip of Five Nights at Freddy’s as well as an interruption by M3gan.

20230909_222944 VideoCapture_20230909-230544


The Stellar Bar inspired by STRANGER THINGS features fun drinks and various 80s snacks including loaded fries, pizza and wings. The popular Dia de los Muertos themed area in Universal PlazaΒ  is back featuring Mexican favorites, cocktails, and novelty items. Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream offers themed treats while Chucky KillerBBQ brings a selection of noshables and drinks. On the upper lot, there’s the Peacock Halloween Horror Bar featuring cocktails plus appearances by Bride of Frankenstein and David S. Pumpkins.


20230909_224856 20230909_224903


20230910_010807 20230910_010811 20230909_201821 20230909_201827 20230909_201947 20230909_201943



Untitled photo Untitled photo 20230909_235300 20230909_235418 20230909_235313 20230909_235328


20230909_212746 20230909_212748 20230909_202120 20230909_202126


Special Offers

  • Frequent Fear passes are being advertised heavily during the event offering the chance to return to the event on on several nights
  • After 11pm Universal Express passes are also available as a $99 add-on to your ticket
20230909_235222 20230909_235156


See it for Yourself

Halloween Horror NightsΒ returns this year toΒ Universal Studios Hollywood (Thursday,Β September 7, 2023) and to Universal Studios Florida (Friday,Β September 1, 2023) and both events run select nights through Monday,Β October 31, 2023.

DON’T MISS:Β Get details and ticket information!

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