Disneyland confirmed today that the Haunted Mansion will be expanding its outdoor queue and surrounding areas plus adding a new dedicated retail shop. A new elevator for the attractions exit will also be part of the plans to aid those with disabilities.

The attraction celebrated its 54th anniversary this year and the landmark attraciton continues to show no signs of slowing. Work will be underway in 2024 for the following additions:

Expanded Outdoor Queue

  • Backstory for the expansions indicate that local legends suggests the manor was first built by a prosperous sea captain.
  • There will be three new gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madame Leota and the one-eyed cat.
  • Each of the gardens will feature unique elements ranging from a water fountain and gazebo to themed statuary and landscaping.
  • A new greenhouse will also be featured where the ghostly groundskeepers for the manor grow their plants.
  • The pet cemetery and horse-drawn funeral hearse will continue to reside on the attraction’s grounds.


Revamping Exit

  • A new elevator exit from the Haunted Mansion is being created for guests with disabilities.

Retail Shop

  • This carriage house of the mansion, belonging to Madame Leota, will be a standalone shop.
  • More details are promised in the future but concept art offers a peek at what the mystic seer has “in store.”


A New Plaza

It seems the official days of the space known as Magnolia Park are numbered as Disney plans to re-imagine the space to better complement the revamped Mansion and new Tiana’s Palace. Disney promises:

  • A new, elegant park-like setting will be a place to relax and enjoy the ambiance and live entertainment under the shade of new and historic trees


See it for Yourself

Haunted Mansion expansion plans will begin January 2024. An official completion date has not yet been announced.