These days, anyone with a social media account can espouse their hot takes but film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has made a decades-long career of it. Sometimes, his views are in general consensus with most viewers and other times… not so much!

Either way, Maltin’s views encourage discussion and that’s what makes his yearly San Diego Comic-Con panel You’re Wrong, Leonard Maltin so fun. Fans have the opportunity at an open mic to weigh in on his hot-takes and see if they can’t sway or dive deeper into his thought process.

It’s always a fun conversation between him and his daughter (and moderator) Jessie Maltin with fans in attendance. The panel provides a rare chance to try and convince Leonard Maltin that his movie methodology is mortally mistaken, and, in fact, WRONG.

He and his daughter are willing to take on all comers who have an axe to grind over one of Leonard’s reviews. As always, Marquis of Queensbury rules are enforced, but anyone who wants to have a lively discussion is welcome to spar (verbally) with America’s best-known film critic is welcome to the pulpit.

This year, memorable topics up for debate and consideration included:

  • Marvel should stick with one “verse” and the films have gotten to crazy with too many characters to remember 
  • Maltin has still only watched the Shining once. Kubrick is just not for everyone.
  • He thought “The Terminator” was better than “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.
  • “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” was an almost perfect film

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San Diego Comic-Con took place July 19 – July 23, 2023.

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