For the past few years, Disney has taken a corporate stance of actively encouraging and promoting diversity across its entire organization. The fruits of this initiative has prompted a wider array of perspectives from the the people and stories we see on screen to the faces and talents we behind the scenes. During the D23 Expo 2022 the Walt Disney Animation Research Library shone a spotlight on the artistic and technical contributions of women and employees of color throughout the history of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

I missed the name of one of the panelists but she was joined by Jill Benzincan and Scott Watts and were accompanied by several colleagues from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library via pre-recorded segments that went into depth on the amazing contributors to the company history.

We’ll have more details soon but in the meantime, check out our live Tweet thread and additional photos below.


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Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men are well known and well regrded as indelible parts of the Walt Disney Company’s history and success.

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Over the years there has been a vast array of women and people of color who also had very important roles contributing to the success of the company; these are the people that the Disney Animation Research Library aims to highlight with the traceback program.

Dot Powers Peterson, Gyo Fujikawa, Evelyn Kennedy, and Gale Musker are just some of the amazing people highlighted during the presentation.

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