With the surprise announcement of ELIO from Pixar, fans at the D23 Expo were left with possibly more questions than answers. Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter was interrupted by flickering lights and an ominous message reading “Bring Us Your Leader!”

As it turns out, the newest film from the house of lamp is quite literally out of this world. America Ferrera (Olga) was invited on stage and was joined by her infectious precocious titular co-star Yonas Kibreab. They were joined on stage by director Adrian Molina and producer Mary Alice Drumm to showcase first look at the original new film.

In the story, 11-year-old dreamer Elio is artistic, creative and an avid INdoorsman who finds it hard to fit in. Meanwhile Mom Olga, who runs a top-secret military project, is working to decode a strange signal from outer space. But it’s Elio who makes contact, gets beamed into space, and is subsequently mistaken as an intergalactic Ambassador for Earth.

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See it for Yourself

ELIO will beams into theaters Spring 2024.

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